10 Things for this Week in 10 Words or less

by - Saturday, August 29, 2015

Because, bed. Also, I didn't make it.

1. The Boy- Third Wedding Anniversary. Steak and Salmon. Super Handsome.
2. Fletcher's Mill Pepper Grinder- Not leather, no more plastic.

3. Chocolate Cake- Nom nom nom nom nom.
4. Positive Change- Smart Girls. Adorable idea. Doing this with kids.
5.My Family- Just the best. Never alone.
6. Better Sleep- Not good, but not epically bad.

7. Birthday Rug- Five months late. LL Bean Made in America. Amazingness.

8. Walk to End Alzheimer- Favorite family tradition. Excited for son.

9. Treehouse Illustrator Wooden Spoons- Clearly, we all need these.

10. Dateversary Oysters- Delicious boogers of love and the ocean.

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