Ten Things I am Grateful for this Week

by - Sunday, July 26, 2015

1. Ice in this baby lollipop thing- Teether who? We have 2 of these and they just rotate.

2. "Is that it?"- my cousin Ben's reaction to the Space Needle when he first saw it. Everyone be warned, this guest is not easily impressed!

3. Oysters- Salty, sweet, and a big like a giant booger. Fun to watch Ben try, even if he was not super impressed.

4. This night- Where we kicked off Ben's visit by eating Cupcake Royale cupcakes in an intertube in the middle of the kitchen. Because, why not? The cupcakes were delicious and the seat was oh so cushy. Perfect practice for the Boy's trip down the river the next day.

5. Flowers from my Momma- It is safe to say I have been having a really rough couple of weeks and that I am having a lot of trouble keeping myself afloat, so this was just the lift I needed. My mom is the best.

6. This kid- Best wedding DJ of all time. He is saying "The bride and her dad are about to dance now.. so.. uh.. pay attention." He was also missing at the start of the ceremony, in the best way ever.

7. A Night Out- Not a super common thing for us right now, and I think the Boy especially had a great time.

8. Grooms who Dance- That's a keeper.

9. Clouds and Rain- It has finally been overcast and rainy the past two days. I was born for the Pacific Northwest, because I actually feel relieved when the weather is wet and cold. I wish it was like this everyday, to be honest. It is much easier to keep a baby warm than to try to figure out how to keep him cool in an air conditionless house.

10. This- I just thought it was such a pretty color. A happy little nothing in our day.

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