3 Good Things About a Lazy Weekend

by - Sunday, July 19, 2015

We were supposed to be  at a wedding this weekend, but we decided last minute not to go, because our baby would have imploded. Maturity, it's the worst. On the other hand, we rarely have an unaccounted for weekend to just chill (we will fill that schedule up in a minute with stuff for the house, if nothing else). But we are making the most of the quiet nothing, here's how:

1.  Everyone gets a turn to sleep- The sickly baby/ heat wave combo is really rough for the sleep, but at least with each got one very bad night/ morning and one goodish one. I got to sleep last night, and I practically feel like a person!
2. Top Chef Seattle can't watch itself- So, we did have something importantt to do, which is declare "we've been there!" for every shot of b-roll. Also, to comment on how Seattle-y people look.
3. Pajamas- Days all in pajamas are the best days.

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