12 Things for our Trip Home to Franklin

by - Thursday, July 16, 2015

 1. The Bub's First Silver Cornet Concert- Last year, when we missed 4th of July and I was quickly expanding with the not-girl in my belly, I would think of this exact night, sitting in the park with my grandparents and baby, and I would smile. It was even better than I imagined, if only because my Grammy ate a blue dum dum and had a blue tongue the whole time. Seriously though, it was so good I almost cried. I hear Sousa has that effect on people.

 2. Aubrey's Fashion Choices- Swimsuit, Skirt, Princess Crown, Cowgirl Boots. She wins everything.

3. Marco Polo- Something was in the air, because a bunch of Italian boys actually got in and played in the pool. Super super fun, and it is cool to think we are giving the kids great memories, even if we do accidentally touch the rope or play with the floaties.

4. Return of Betsy the Shark-  It was cute, until we thought about it. Less cute, but a family tradition, so we will make her anyway.

5. This- Also have been waiting for this picnic all year. And my son got bullyhill serenaded for the first time! Makes me happy.

6. This Jerkface Tree- It used to be a cute little shrub when we moved in, but it is killing the Elk Street 700 block 4th of July party. This tree is a real jerk. Could we move it? I secretly find it charming, but I don't know how many years of this it will remain cute. I mean what the hell is this tree's problem?

7. Erie Zoo Compost Bin- Yeah, why doesn't everyone compost already? Do you know a banana peel will decompose in no time at all when composted, but it may never decompose in a pile of plasticy garbage? I like that the Erie Zoo is thinking about practical environmentalism. I seriously want us to get rain buckets for our gutters. How environmentally conscious do I have to get before I can cut out that tree?

8. These Two- It's no secret: I don't much care for animals. I don't get what the big deal is, and they make me itchy. But come on. I find their complex friendship super fun. e

9. Red Lobster and the Moffitts- Cheddar Bay Bisquits run through our veins. If I could, I would eat every meal at a huge table of relatives.

10. Watching Zach Guth play Baseball at Franklin High School One More Time- I don't care about sports, but I do love my cousins. Plus, it was cute to watch with my grandparents and my baby. Happy moments. I highly recommend going to things. Helpful advice, right? Sage wisdom? You enjoy life more when you do stuff.

11. Date Night TV- Actual night out without baby. Also, I love having a husband who will get in there and help me get a stain out because I am disappointed about a ruined dress. It wasn't perfect, and my boobs were way more out than in, but the history books will show I had it together and practically fit into my old size dresses.

12. The World's Worst Welcome Back, but Still Smiling- Well Fuck you too, Seattle. I hate coming back to Washington, not because I hate the state, and I actually love the part where we get to be in our own space, but in general it is just a sad moment. Like the day after Christmas, you have all these built up expectations, and now all the fun is over and all you have is January. Boo hiss.

Still, it doesn't get much less welcoming than on Monday, when our flight was delayed by 4 and a half hours and then spent another extra hour on the tarmac (thanks Frontier, you are almost charming in your horrors). On our first trip into the house with baby, we found a bag of our opened mail from our neighbors. When we went back out to get the luggage, The Boy was attacked by a giant swarm of yellow jackets. He is allergic, and generally not a big fan. So it's 2:30-3 in the morning, and I am in two layers of clothes swatting at bees with a baby book. But we are laughing. Thinking back, it makes me smile, and my knee currently looks crazy from the whole thing. If you are laughing at your defeat, how defeated can you really be?

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