9 Things- Pineapple Leaves, Alaska Airlines, and Double Tuna

by - Sunday, May 24, 2015

1. Spicy Tuna and Crab- Yep, super waspy. I don’t care. It never gets old.

2. Our Last Days at the Seattle Design Center- COCA is moving, which means the archive is moving with it, so my workplace getting displaced. I am hopeful it will land on the northside of town to minimize our commute, but more than the convenience, I feel excited that COCA is investing in the project continuing through a time where these things often peter out. Also, at some point the organizers at COCA gave up on sweeping, and I would really like to be able to let the Bubba move around while I work. Ready for a new adventure.'

from college.holycross.edu

3. Leslie Schomp- this artist works in embroidery and human hair. Yes, mostly portraits made out of human hair. Best Artsy genome of the week by far, because it takes artistic narcissism to a new, interesting, and totally unapologetic level. Plus, the sculptures are really beautiful. Embroidery turns out to be a pretty prominent contemporary art trend, and I love the introduction of feminized craft into the space. Just great, and you can check her, her work, and one awesome self portrait as an elephant out here. 

4. Baby hats- I may have an addiction. I thought it would let up after the cold Seattle winter rolled out, but now I have to protect my pasty porcelain child against the same dangers his moderately translucent parents face in the proximity of the sun. I will say it- hats are cuter than just sunscreen.

5. Alaska Airlines- They handed out Mai Tai’s before we got off the plane! What on Earth could possibly earn more customer loyalty than free fruity booze? I really think they have their business together, and we have only had good experiences with the airline thus far. Also, they have the outlets in the seats, so I can write this blog while the Bub snoozes on the Boy.

6. The Smell of Hawaii- Arriving on my Mom's island always fills me with joy, and as soon as we see her, she gives us leis. They smell amazing. They are wrapped in all sorts of good memories, tied in with one of the most delicious smells ever. I love it. 

7. Hot Pink Pineapple Leaves- This is my mom's backyard. Pretty amazing! 

8. Poke- More tuna! And onion, green onion, seaweed and soy. All good things, and really delicious. Raw fish feels like a big treat when you sit so close to where they caught it. The Harbor House is the first place we ever went in Hawaii. and I still really love how low key and local the place is. 

9. Actual Sleep- Every new parent who still has a parent/ new grandparent nearby- go take them to an extra fancy lunch! Buy them a present! Having my mom (or any of our parents) around means we actually get a bit of a break. And we needed it. If all that comes out of the weekend is that we slept more than 4 hours in a row while still in a sleep regression, that is huge. We might return to our human form. And seriously, grandparents are the best people ever. I knew my grandmas were the best, but now I can see even parents love grandparents!

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