9 Things for our Weekend with Paige

by - Sunday, May 17, 2015

1. Toulouse Petit Cured Pork Cheek Hash- This is already one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle, and this dish is my new absolute favorite. I know pork and apple is a no-brainer, but it makes me happy every time. Also, going through a serious arugula phase, meaning I have eaten it twice with favorable results.

2. Cousins! I love that my cousin Paige was here for the baby's half birthday. Also, we look super related in this picture, or at least we share a particular taste in sunglasses, as well as The Amazing Dorothy's genes. It is kind of mind-blowing how much has changed since her visit last year for both of us. Love this girl!

3. Force choking- EMP's Star Wars exhibit is great and horrible in exactly the same ways the movie is great and horrible. So costuming turns out to be an accurate barometer of a film's successes and failures. Aesthetics matter! This visit had a sparse crowd, so we could really enjoy the costumes.

4. Surviving Forgetting my Camera- 6 months into motherhood and I made the most tragic mistake. Ok, maybe he needs diapers more than I need my camera, but I'm not convinced that's true. Someday I will hold it all together. That day was not this week. Please, someone come teach our baby to sleep.

5. Paige flowers- So pretty!

6. A Man who will Take your Cousin to the Airport at 4 in the Morning- Good job, high school me. That is a freaking keeper. Also, if he will pretend to be a ghost on the Underground Tour.

7. Piccolino's- Another great Seattle brunch spot and our waitress had gorgeous blue hair. I had blueberry pancakes with strawberry compote on top. Delicious. The only downside was that BBG hit his face off the table, so that made for a traumatic day.

8. Roger and Chris- I have been looking around for a round, made in America dining table, and this has become my favorite Made in America store so far. This burly gay couple makes these great designs, all of which are built in the US, and which are presented on a website that cracks me up ("Home of the Unboring Home"). Also, I am going to save for years to buy one of their couches. We all have a dream. The prices aren't even that ridiculous when you compare them to some of the mainstream (and not so ethical) furniture stores like Pottery Barn.
Post-Hippie Pop-Abstraction, from http://payload357.cargocollective.com/1/14/450195/9453854/drawing-13dpi72_15_576.jpg
9. Grace Ndiritu- Back to work, and this artist is my favorite (re)find. I have seen a few of this Kenyan and British artist's videos before, but today I genomed a bunch of her collage work, which is a little more pop-oriented. Smart, just a little bit cheeky, and a really great partner to her film performances. Favorite of the day.

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