6 Things for the Last Two Days

by - Wednesday, May 20, 2015

1. Art and God- “If there’s no highest power, art doesn’t make any sense: it’s just a decoration.” —Alexander Melamid on Ernest Meissonier’s “1807, Friedland.” Part of a video from the Met. Are we decorating nothing or mimicking creation, modeled by God? Thoughts to have while devouring food tv. 

2.The Kind of Wonderful Weirdness of Grace and Frankie- I think I love what they are doing a lot more than how they are doing it, but this isn't Golden Girls in a good way. Also, Sam Waterson will never not be Law and Order to me. It's like someone snappier needed to get in and redo the dialogue (it's not stylized enough to be intentionally artificial, but it mostly doesn't sound like things people say out loud either), but the situations are both heartbreaking and sometimes hilarious, so that works.

3, Jenny GG- Yesterday, we got gussed up as a family to get Bubbas 6 month pictures. Jenny immediately feels like someone we have been friends with a long time, and it helps us be our dignified and mature selves. The Boy may have sung. She is a spot on responder to what is going on, so you can just do your thing and she kind of follows you. It's king of like non-directive portrait sessions. Very "Don't hate, collaborate!" Anyway, we have only seen one picture so far, but I think it may be my favorite one of our trio thus far. What a chunky monkey. Anyway, we practically enjoyed our photo shoot, and I can't wait to see more of the pictures!

4. Finding out we were Robbed in the Morning, and Still Having a Good Day- You will not win, meth addict lady on a child's bicycle (this is the skinny around the neighborhood anyway)! That kind of day, paired with vaccinations should be a bad day, but it mostly turned out just fine. We got to bond with the neighbors, and one even brought me a cookie and hot chocolate to cheer me up. That's amazing. I feel bad for meth face cyclist, because if it is worth it to her to dig through dirty diapers and steal The Boy's prescription sunglasses, that's a pretty shitty life. It is unnerving to be reminded that we live in the city and it may not be as safe as we want to think, but in the end, I think it motivated us in the right way, and I am happy to work out the kinks that let this happen. Our security is already better.

5. Pag- It's his birthday! Best Dad I ever had, by far! He really is the best ever, and I wish we could have been there to celebrate with him!

6. Fourth of July Tickets Bought! Alright, who is free to come to Cleveland around 6:30 in the morning? Time to rent a car? Airport pick ups are a real test of our family's love. Also, we are flying a red eye on Frontier with a baby, so this should be an adventure.

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