6 Things for the Spring Cleaning Weekend

by - Sunday, April 19, 2015

1. Sunny Weekends and Walks around Green Lake- Spring has arrived, and it feels like the world around us finally woke up. Also, everyone in the city came out to show off their spring duds and to crisp up their sad Seattle pale. The excitement of good weather made our Friday walk home seem particularly fun and full of energy.

2. Cafe Besalu- We had a great weekend trying new Seattle food, and Saturday morning we finally tried Seattle's best croissants. Pretty damn good. Definitely flaky. The Boy preferred the raisin business he is chomping on here, but overall the place got high marks from us!

3. Spring Cleaning- Or at least that Spring Cleaning doesn't last all year. We thought we could finish the job in one weekend, and we are halfway at best. It does feel satisfying to debulk and freshen up the house, but it takes so long. So LONG. J Cro suggested planning Spring Cleaning before guests, because it motivates things to move faster. That now seems to be the most important part of the job- getting it freaking over with.

4. Prayers of the People- My favorite part of Episcopaleanism, or at least up there with liberal politics and lady priests. I saved my bulletin so I could share the prayers with you, but I think they got tossed in the hardcore cleaning frenzy that has taken over the house.

5. Seattle Restaurant Week (and the Oysters it Brings)- This week in Seattle, a bunch of restaurants offer discount set tasting menus so that people will travel around trying new places. I love the idea, and the Boy and I took the opportunity to try a new place not far from us- Ballard Annex Oyster House. Anything that leads to a plate that looks like this cannot be bad. We will be going back, if only so I can try their lobster roll! The Restaurant Week totally delivered in making us try something new and probably return in the future, so kudos to you, evil Seattle PR geniuses.

6. Hot Cakes Chocolate Chip Cookie- This Ballard fixture is known for it's chocolate lava cakes, but we decided to get one of their cookies instead. We were so pleasantly surprised by how delicious it was (I mean chocolate chip cookie covered in ice cream sounds disgusting, right?); The Boy referred to the caramel as "excellent." After the dinner, we had fun just sitting at the counter eating our dessert and playing with the little fox. It was a good night for us and food in Ballard in general, and we added some new things to our list of favorites!

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