3 Things for Yesterday- Walks, Sarah Cwynar, and Leftover Indian Food

by - Tuesday, April 21, 2015

1. Walks in Green Lake- The Boy, BBG, and I took advantage of the last of the really gorgeous weather and took a walk to the lake. Maybe we stopped at Ben and Jerry's, but come on! It's on the way!
from sarahcwynar.com
2. Sarah Cwynar- My favorite Artsy-related find for the day, Cwynar seems very young (living in New York but originally from Canada), but has a lot of momentum and complex ideas. She's gaining traction for her vintage imagery turned glitch aesthetic, but  these "thesaurus" collages (and the tricky use of fingers) have been on my mind all day. You can check out her work on Artsy or her website.
3. Indian Leftovers- We just baked chicken in the butter sauce that we had left from our Sunday dinner (they give you so much), and it felt less wasteful than throwing that business away. India Bistro (based out of Ballatd and on Eat24) has my favorite delivery so far, and they give you so much rice and sauce that it can feed 2 people for 2 days.

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