3 Things for Today- Drunks, Earth Day, and Flamingos

by - Wednesday, April 22, 2015

from http://giphy.com/search/are-you-the-one

1. Are you the One? This is a cheesy MTV show we watched during the period I wasn't blogging, but I have had it on again lately. It is just as horrible and drunken and ridiculous as any MTV show, but it somehow also is one of the most interesting and compelling dating shows ever? It raises all kinds of questions about how we choose partners whether they are good for us or not, and it also mostly isn't as horrible because it is collaborative and not competitive. Also, people say and do dumb things when drunk. The whole thing is no life-changer, but I would recommend it, because I really think it's strangely good.
2. Earth Day posting- I am about ready to take a long break from Facebook, because it mostly is the worst, but it raised my spirits to see people making arguments to do things better.
3. Pink flamingos- my favorite house in the neighborhood added a flock of plastic pink flamingos out front. Just heaven.

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