5 Things I Loved About Valntine's Weekend

by - Monday, February 16, 2015

1. The Rise of Galentine's Day- I saw sooo much about Galentine's Day this year! I am nervous it won't be as big next year since the show is ending (in denial about this), but this has to be one of the best things Parks and Rec gave to the world. Someday, I am really going to have a Galentine's Day brunch, but until then, I am genuinely elated to see ladies loving on each other all over the place last Friday.

2.People Talking about how they Love Each Other- Mother's Day is still my favorite, but I do love people publicly loving on each other for V-Day. Even if I don't do it myself, seeing couples say how much they love their partners is cool to me. They should do it all the time.

3. Valentine's Food- With Ash Wednesday creeping up quickly (and an accidental bulk order of candy), we really committed to treats this weekend. Life can't always be Shari's Berries and heart cakes, but I won't complain when it is!

4. Doing the Holiday- As many of you know, my life philosophy is that you can't stop bad things from happening, and when they do, you have to deal with them. So one of the best ways to keep life focused in the good is to put as much energy and creativity into the happy things as you can. So I take celebrating holidays very seriously, and I mostly feel happy and grateful that we still have time and effort into our holidays (and that BBG loves sitting in his bouncer and watching us decorate).

5. Glamming up the Dining Room- I don't want to take these down! Making the whole house feel special.

Bonus: Birthday Week kickoff! Burgers, fries, and milkshakes for Day One.

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