Ten Things Learned During Vision Quest 2015

by - Sunday, January 11, 2015

1. Somebody is a Genius- When I really have my life together, I am going to walk around with googly eyes in my purse, because I genuinely believe they make everything better. I mean, how cute is that fish?
2. If someone is coming to visit for 24 hours, they should still get flowers- The giant, cheap bouquets of flowers wrapped in paper are one of the sweetest things about Seattle. I love seeing women walking around, just beaming, with their big pile of flowers. It's worth the money if you are visiting.

3. Improving our Paella- We bought seafood at Pike's and tried, yet again, to get our paella right. The Boy got a paella pan for Christmas, and I feel like just having the proper tools helped. We also learned which rice you are supposed to use, and that you need the chorizo, but not the chicken. We still have more to learn. Does anyone know how you get crispy rice in your shells? Talk about first world problems.
4. Breastfeeding in Public is the Easiest Way to Stay Out in the World- It was the first time we had guests who didn't mostly want to chill around our house and neighborhood, so we were out on the town every day of their trip. With a seven week old, I am pretty proud we survived it, much less enjoyed it. I am getting the hang of breastfeeding standing up in a public bathroom. I could probably do it covertly at the table in most cases, but it's tricky to do. We are lucky that he is really only upset by an empty tummy, so keeping him happy only requires my willingness to whip my boobs out when needed.

5. Musashis, Fainting Goat, and Portage Bay Cafe are all Great- We are still learning our way around Seattle food, but all three of thee places we tried for the first time were really really good. It's nice to be able to take people to places we know they will like, but especially now, I love the opportunity to try some new places too! Musashis was a pretty delicious and tiny sushi place. Fainting Goat's gelato beat out Molly Moon's, in my opinion. I also really loved Portage Bay Cafe in Ballard, so I hope we get back there again, becase it felt like we were scratching the surface.
6. Visiting During the Week in the Off Season Makes for Some Light Tourist Traffic- It has to be the emptiest I have seen The Market, Seattle Center, basically all those touristy places. We can't offer you great weather (or sunlight) in January, but it certainly is a good time to visit if you hate crowds!

7. If you Want to Take a Baby to a Museum, One that is All Lights Really Works- BBG really liked all of the things that lit up, since he can really distinguish between light and dark. It was super fun to take him and have him seem to actually notice what was around him.

8. We Moved to a Beautiful City- Seriously, Seattle looked great from the Space Needle. Sure the sun sets at like 3 in the afternoon, I am still really glad we moved to this place.

9. There is Cool Stuff at the Top of the Space Needle- They have some really neat stuff up there, including an interactive guest book, where you can actually see everyone who has visited from your area and exactly how many miles the trip was.

10. Check the weather before you head to Snoqualmie- It can be very very foggy. Poor Melissa and Alan never saw the Falls.

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