Resolutions for 2015

by - Thursday, January 01, 2015

1. Keep Making Goals and Trying to do Better- A resolution to make resolutions might seem a bit redundant, but when life is so repetitive and banal, it could be easy to just devote my time to sleeping, eating, cleaning, and nursing. Basically, living on the baby's schedule and not doing much with the time left in the day. I don't want to give up on my own goals, even if some days the goals are small (for example, today my goals are to celebrate New Year's Eve, to make pigs in a blanket, to finish this blog, and to catch up on email). I will never finish all my goals for the day, but I will still get more done than if I didn't set goals. Especially because we are sleep-deprived, there are always excuses available, but I want to keep trying to do better, to make our home work better, to move more, etc. Once you give up on the idea you are going to be perfect (but you should try anyway), you can get a lot done.

2. Have the plane tickets to my last continent- I will turn 29 this March, which means I only have a year or so left to complete my big goal for my 20's (I had 3- have a baby, get a PhD, go to the 6 main continents- so 2 out of 3 isn't bad!). The Boy and I have started plotting when a good time might be and how to save for the trip (one of my incomes goes solely to this goal). We haven't decided between Australia or New Zealand; any thoughts?

3. No Really, Thaw Some Seattle Freeze- We have had mixed success with this so far, but I would really love to go to dinner with other people and not just end up listening to them talk about Microsoft. I would like to build some real connections and engage in some communities. A subset of this goal is to go to all of the art galleries in Seattle and have a better sense of the scene here. I feel like one of the tricks of still leaving the house with an infant is to pick activities that don't demand a certain time, so you can be more flexible (go to a day long drop in type of event vs. a movie that starts exactly at 7)- gallery openings fit this criteria pretty well.

4. Watch More Movies, Less Repeat Binge Watching- I am pretty sure I have seen The Office enough. While pregnant, I watched The Office, Parks and Rec, and Top Chef over and over. It was actually better than music because I found the familiar voices comforting and didn't need to pay attention, because I knew exactly what was going to happen. I want to get back to listening to music or actually watching something interesting to me. I don't need to be filling my house with noise for no reason. Of the 795 films on my movie mission list, I have seen 263. By the end of 2015, I want to be halfway though.

5. Have a Slightly Greener Thumb- I would like to do more than fight back our ridiculous army of morning glories. This is the year we start growing at least a little of our own food and herbs.Hopefully, we have an outdoor space we are excited about.

6. Get Moving Again- I had these dreams that BBG and I would walk the mile and a half to meet The Boy when he got off of work and then walk home together as a part of our routine. I still think this can happen. 400,000 steps in 2015.

7. Get Involved in Teaching Again- When I left Stanford, one of the things I really had to mourn was the idea that I was going to be able to teach art history in a classroom. You may be surprised to hear that there are not oodles of those jobs (public schools are not hankering for art historians, though I think I could make the argument that they should), but while in California I had some great teaching experiences at museums. I know that my talents are making learning about history engaging and encouraging young people to look and think critically about the visual world around them. I love teaching. I loved the museum context because it treats viewership as sacred and special. I am so hopeful to be back to teaching in some capacity this year, even if I am not getting paid for it.

8. Build our Library Dining Room-This has long been a dream, and I know we can do it. We will be learning all about how to build our own shelving, but it will feel great to finish a project in the house that is more fun than practical.

9. Explore Seattle More- In May, I started a Seattle Bucket List back in May.  So far, we have done 5 things on the list. I intend to make the list a lot longer and keep seeing more of this city, because the more I see of it, the more I like it.

10. Happy Parents, Happy Baby-My biggest, most important goal of 2015 is to be happy. 2014 was rough, and I now get how people let the responsibilities and stresses of adulthood bog them down. I don't think we gave in, but this feels like a year to battle for our fun and inspiration which I think will be better for our spawn in the end than any one "right" decision or perfect parenting.So I need to keep coming up with fun holidays and silly adventures. I just want to still be laughing and happy even when there is spit up in my hair (which there is right now). 50% of the battle is being grateful and the last 50% is creativity and effort. You can keep me accountable for both (no complaining, no complacency)!

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