6 Things for the Last Two Days- John Muir, Regine Schumann, and Left-Hand Frosting

by - Thursday, January 15, 2015

1. Fat Baby Hands- This monkey is super chunky now, with wrist rolls and chub dimples and all the good baby things. I am pretty psyched about how cute he is getting, though I still think he looks more like a fetus and less like a person. But the chub is just super cute.

from www.artfacts.net

from www.charlottejackson.com
2. Regine Schumann- Like a fun Dan Flavin grandchild, Schumann's work makes me smile. Going to keep an eye out so I can go see this work in person- if you see her exhibiting somewhere near you, please go for me!

3. Top Chef Season 4-I ordered another season of food viewing for our last few straight days of paternity leave nesting before visitors and visiting (and then getting the Boy ready for work again). Enjoying spending these days working and watching them play.

4. Ken Burns The National Parks- Yes, we have not gotten over this addiction yet. They are so good! I want to be John Muir when I grow up, minus all the camping. So basically, just the wisdom. I would like to be as wise as John Muir.

5. Frosting Left Handed while Breastfeeding- We hosted our first PEPS meeting this week and went big with the snacks. Maybe too big, because it was pure chaos beforehand. I think you can definitely tell the difference between the cupcakes I did without a baby attached to me and which ones I tried to frost left-handed. Another learning experience, but I always feel proud when we survive these things.

6. Super genoming- Currently loving being back to work, since I can still stay in my pajamas to do it. Have been trying to get most of it done before the excitement starts up again, and I feel way sharper than I did two or three months ago. That is the thing I am probably most excited about right now.

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