Grateful Things for Christmas Week

by - Wednesday, December 31, 2014

1. Adeela Dazeem- She is the official icon of Christmas 2014, because a pop culture joke only becomes funny after everyone else is over it. Also, because no matter how many times we deleted her of the Christmas playlist, Holly Jolly Christmas just kept coming back. With the crazy eyes. I am mostly grateful that Adeela didn't destroy and eat our Christmas.

2. Eating Jun's Christmas cookies- You all know I love our mailman, and we baked cookies specifically for him, but then we missed our chance to give them to him. So I got to eat more cookies.

3. Packages- We received more packages in the past week than probably the rest of our lives. It's all downhill from here, mail-wise. Thank you everyone for the love for us and the baby! It was one of the fun parts of being so far away, though it does make you wonder how we kept missing Jun.

4. Squirrel Nut Zippers "Sleigh Ride"- One of the best Christmas songs recorded. Which is great, because the rest of the album is no good. 

5. Actually finishing our Advent Calendars (we have 2 now)- Usually we leave for PA somewhere before that last corner, so I steal all of the chocolates in that last side. This time, we made it all the way!

6. Battleship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- This is a highlight every year, but it was especially sweet to watch my brother giggle at the baby as his father treated him like a puppet. Then, to destroy my brother on the battlefield. Also, adorable.

7.Paella- We missed church and tombola, so it barely felt like Christmas Eve, but it was cool to try a very fancy new food for dinner (especially since we braved the stores on Christmas Eve to make it). It was delicious, but we are going to work out some kinks in the recipe.

8. Being up at 4 and 7 on Christmas morning- I got to see right before and right aftermost Christmas morning excitement from on the West Coast, then we actually slept in on Christmas Day, which will probably never happen again in my life.

9. Stockings in a Box- My dad is a stockings master, so it was a fun surprise to see we got the nail polish, candy, coloring books, and My Little Ponies even if we missed Christmas morning.

10 Skyping, Texting, and Phone Calling- We still checked in on every holiday celebration we missed, and we spent a whole lot of the day on Skype (the weirdest being with The Boy's brother, and the kinect wouldn't stop following me). It helps to feel a little closer when we are so far away, and it felt good to be missed.
11. BBG's First Grammy Tape- This promises to be a big moment in the child's life. My Grammy makes the best mixes (and hats).

12. Ham and Scalloped Potatoes- The Boy used his mom's recipe, and that ham was amazing. Truly, it is the best ham ever. All other ham should be embarrassed not to be this ham. What I learned about Christmas all alone is that you eat almost as much. with way less variety, so I feel lucky the food was amazing.
 13. White Christmas vs Holiday Inn- One has more blackface, the other has more Rosemary Clooney in a velvet dress. The Boy hated them both.

14. Bumbo Rocker- How cute is this puppy? BBG got so many great gifts, so thank you everyone!

15. My Mom Came the Next Day- Having her visit to look forward to made being on our own for Christmas seem less depressing. Plus, when she comes, I get to sleep more, and everything looks better when you have actually slept. That woman is just an angel.

16. Getting Christmas Cards- I love hearing from everyone, and they really are so cute. I wish there were more times of year where we all sent each other happy mail.

17. Ending the Year with One More Big Project- Nothing says that lazy time between Christmas and New Years like getting your house re-roofed.But one of the roofers sings while he works, and they all listen to really bad pop music, so I like them a lot. Not so much that I would want them to see my boob, but alas, that' where we are at now. They finish today, and then we start with insulation in the new year.

18. So, Apparently I have been Talking Too Much About Downton Abbey- If only there was a Laura Linney Christmas ornament as well.
19. My Mother's Deep Commitment to Safeway Cookies- Man, she loves those cookies. So much for re-instating good behavior. This is why no one bothers until after the holidays.

20. Walking the Whole Way around Green Lake again! I am finally back to getting 10,000 steps a day, and I honestly couldn't be more excited about it.

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