6 Things for Yesterday and Today- Chocolati, Candy Cane Lane, and Darlene Love

by - Sunday, December 21, 2014

1. Chocolati Cafe in Greenwood-This hot chocolate cafe is a little bigger than the one in Green Lake, which makes it a nicer place to sit and drink the really rich and delicious hot chocolate. Seattle really has a thing for chocolate, and or that, I respect them.

from http://www.demilked.com/fools-do-art-painting-recreations-francesco-fragomeni-chris-limbrick/
2. The Glorious Fruits of Boredom- Thank you Demilked for these gems, which truly remind us of the solemnity and sophistication written into these masterpieces spanning the history of art. Just amazing.
3. Darlene Love- She was on Letterman finishing a tradition that has lasted 30 years and re-established her career after she was cleaning houses. Love is a main focus in 20 Feet from Stardom, which is a fantastic documentary you can watch on Netflix, and shows that the woman sang background on every song ever, and was basically kept from stardom by a yonnger but equally nasty Phil Spector. Watch the clip and be amazed by her power.
4. Naked City Brewery- We tried it a second time and generally liked it better, though I think we are trying to clean up our eating after a month of guilt-free foolishness. This was still foolishness, but it was yummy and redeemed the restaurant to us after a lame first run.
5. Breakfast in Bed this Morning- If I can spend a bunch of Saturdays like I spent today, I will be a happy girl.
6. Seattle's Candy Cane Lane- A very cute decked out neighborhood off of Ravenna around 50th Street? What does it say about us that we enjoy jeering at the underperformers in the neighborhood more than the lights themselves. Especially funny since we are underperformers ourselves this year!

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