3 Things for Yesterday- #illridewithyou, Michael Kenna, and Monthiversaries

by - Wednesday, December 17, 2014

1. #illridewithyou- It  is so easy and quick and flashy to do wrong, to tear things down. Building things and being positive is slower, harder, and will generally get you less attention. So it always feels miraculous when someone does something good and it catches on. After a lone terrorist took hostaes in Australia, he hung an Islamic flag in the window, potentially setting off another wave of Islamophobia. Instead, one person, Rachael Jacobs, offered to ride with a woman so afraid that she was taking off her hijab, and this simple act of kindness caught on through that twitter, so Australians all over were offering to ride with Muslims on public transit. How beautiful is that? It makes me feel better about the universe, and it sets a good example of how to be allies.

Twenty Four Trees, Michael Kenna - Hokkaido, Japan, 2005 from urbanfragment.wordpress.com

2. Michael Kenna- Looking for photobook Christmas gift for a friend, and Michael Kenna in China wins. Just a gorgeous collection of landscape photography!

3. Somebody is one month old- He celebrated by kicking our asses. He can't lift his head, but he is the badass boss of this house.

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