3 Things for Yesterday- 12 Years, Two-Headed Artemesia, and Pathways of Light

by - Sunday, December 14, 2014

1. 12 years- First real feeling of just how much has changed.

from http://autogynephile.tumblr.com/image/105028124020
2. Artemesia Amazingness- My friend Dorian posted this a few days ago, and I am still obsessing about it. The underpainting of this, and the two heads next to one another, are just spectacularly violent and active. I want to look at this everyday when I wake up, because it makes me want to take on the world.

3. Green Lake Pathway of Lights- My new favorite Seattle thing so far. The park is absolutely filled up and there is music probably every half mile (our favorite was a lone tuba player). People really commit as well, dressing up themselves, their dogs, even their strollers with Christmas lights. Next year, we will go all out.

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