Bumpwatch- Week 38

by - Sunday, November 09, 2014

How Far Along: We just finished up our 38th week! The baby is the size of a pumpkin. Specifically, the ones they use as the centerpiece on Halloween Wars. Or the ones they make you guess the weight of. Or the one you could make into a home for a small family. He is growing hair his dad can try to keep perfect for years to come, and he doesn't have as much cottage cheese skin cover. He is running out of room and can't do his daily dancing. He seems pretty sour about it too.

Best Moment of the Week: Date Weekend! Trying to do all the stuff we might miss while the pumpkin and his grandmas rule the roost. It has been such a good week of hanging out, so that is what I am currently the most excited about. It feels like we are back to long distance date weekends, where the baby has become papers and CS250 and bus trips across Pennsylvania. This time reminds me of when we were long distance, and how pumped were just to hang out with each other. We are very used to being a 2 person club (especially this year), so I think he is savoring the time to be immature.

I mean this in the best way possible, because its good to remember we like each other and that time is limited.

Most Interesting Prego Quirk: We have been waiting for my belly button, which is the most disturbing thing in the world right now (I wanted to scare children with it on Halloween), to pop, but it may stay in this strange shallow end phase until the end. In my dreams, it will pop on the day he is coming, as if to say "this turkey is done." Seems appropriate, right?

I Would Really Like Some: Deli sandwiches. Earlier this week I realized by the end of the month I can have real sushi and sandwiches again.
Bizarro Thing No One Warned me About: Judge your potential OBGYN's on their hand size. Watch out for any Doctor Scissorhands. Getting your progress checked just means someone sticking their hand way up your business and taking some informed guesses. Also, no information they can get is any kind of indicator of when you will go into labor, so I am not clear on why any of it is worth doing anyway. From everything I can tell, you will know when you are going to be in labor, because you are in labor. The weirdest, scariest, and loveliest part is that they are touching your baby's head. I have spent the entire week getting my head around the fact that he has a regular head (not like an MC Scat Cat head) and that he exists and is real in the world so another person could touch him.So weird.

And The Boy?: Since we finally have all the Must Do's finished, we can mostly focus on fun to do's like finishing up the nursery. This is him obsessing about the fact that the mobile is o a slight tilt. Can you tell? No? Then I think we can safely assume the hairy pumpkin in my uterus really won't mind. He has been hard at work trying to keep a little bit off my plate, which is especially nice.

Looking Forward to: This week my Mom is coming on Tuesday and my Mother-in-Law is coming next Sunday! We need to get our house/ BBG's nursery in order before they show up, but I think once they show up, and there are some actual adults here (not just us posers), things will go a little smoother. 

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