6 Things I am Grateful for the Last Two Days

by - Wednesday, November 12, 2014

1. Veterans- Something I know I could do better showing gratitude for, and I am very proud of my family members who served. This is a cool project to show the lives of veterans, though you can learn more about the challenges veterans face from sites like the Wounded Warrior Project.
2. French Creek Sushi- Coming 2015 (if we can get Polly's to share their space with us). All locally caught fish. Sounds delicious, right?
3. The looks you get when you go to a sushi place 9 months pregnant- "Hey, do you also serve beer here? I need something boozey to wash down my raw fish."(it's genuinely very cute, because we go to waspy sushi, where there are plenty of cooked things to choose from. Jiro does not dream of our sushi place).
4. One Mom Here, One to Go! The Grandma force is coming in (and potentially bringing Anderson Cooper?), and we couldn't be happier and more relieved. They are bringing the wisdom and the know how to the table. What are we bringing? Childlike whimsy. Also, if everything goes to plan, eventually an actual child.
5. Getting my Mom to Try on Clothes. Twice- One of the great victories of my life. Also, proof that when you are this pregnant, people will mostly do what you ask them to. I do not understand why this is, but I am going to use it as much as possible (and for evil) as I can. I might make her shop more for herself tomorrow! Bwa ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
6. People who get defensive in public restrooms- No lady, we aren't trying to steal your spot in line to pee. We didn't even know you were in line to pee. Your anger scared us to another restroom, and I hope your bladder feels better. I am grateful that I have never been that urination desperate.

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