My 6 Favorite Apple Week Recipes

by - Monday, October 06, 2014

Since we finished up Apple Week yesterday, I thought I should write about our Apple recipes that really work. I am going to do this instead of things I am grateful for, because a whole lot of my daily gratefulness is for food and a partner who can really cook!

6. Hot sausage sandwiches- I think I maybe got a hot sausage sandwich at Applefest once, but I associate the smell with Liberty Street, crowds, and fall colors, so we usually go this route at some point in the week. My only tip you might not already know is that the peppers and onions stay better if you put them on the bottom. Also, apple mixed in works alright, but not great.

5. Apple Curry and Chicken- This was our big experiment this apple week, and I think the combination of sweet and super spicy was delicious. We were going to do a Chutney, but one of our friends who was potentially eating with us hates garlic (isn't that tragic? Who hates garlic?) We got this recipe from, and we cut the chicken in half. The whole thing (with rice added) lasted us 2 and a half meals, so it is also a great cost-efficient meal. My only other advice is to double (at least) the curry, and a little salt wakes up the other spices. We like our food spicy, so if you aren't as much that way, you can probably go with the original recipe.

4. Apple cinnamon rolls- For the brunch on Saturday, I made my cinnamon rolls with chopped up apples in the filling. People ate 2 o 3 of them, and I have never had complaints about them (another hand down from my Mom- there aren't too many of these, since she is also not so much with the cooking, so she makes her specialties absolute homeruns). I think there have to be ways to make these more "apple-y" but I will have to work that out next year!

3. Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Apples and Bacon- Apples and Pork are such a perfect combo, which is funny if you think about Judeo Christian history. This recipe, which we found here, singlehandedly (singlesproutedly?) changed my mind about brussel sprouts. The Boy also added raisins. If you want a little extra for any apple recipe, just add raisins.

2. Apple Pancakes- Easy peasy. First, whatever your batter looks like for pancakes (we usually start with a mix, and we found a cool one local to Seattle), throw in a tablespoon of brown sugar and a couple good shakes of cinnamon (why do recipes always give wimpy amounts of cinnamon?). Mix that in for your pancake base.

For the apple topping, cut up 2-3 apples. Put in a bit of brown sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla. Add in 1 tablespoon of butter and a couple squeezes lemon juice. cook over low heat until it reduces and your apples are soft (The Boy says not too soft!).

1. Grilled Cheese with Cheddar Cheese, Bacon and Green Apple- Ahhh, I had totally forgotten just how delicious this is. You make a regular grilled cheese, but do it with sharp cheddar. Start by cutting your apples (we use granny smith for this) into thin slices (thinner is better, because bigger slices fall out). Fry the bacon until it is crispy, and wipe off any excess grease. Then, pile it in your sandwich (buttered bread, cheddar, apple, bacon) and grill it. It may sound crazy, but try it, and thank me later.

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