Bumpwatch Week 34

by - Sunday, October 12, 2014

How Far Along: Just finished my 34th week! BBG is the size of a butternut squash. He loves to back that thing up in his mother and we found out he is hanging upside down now, like a little Butternut bat that loves Nicki Minaj.

Best Moment of the Week: My mom was here!! It was an exceptionally long visit for her (practically 48 hours!), and we got a lot done. We went through everything The Boy and I have for baby (for the record, we have more 0-3 clothes than anyone ever needs- BBG will spend the first three months a fashion plate and then will immediately become a nudist) and then we went shopping so we can make it through if BBG comes tomorrow. She spoiled him already, She said she plans to spoil in the same manner my Grammy Greene does all of us, which means she will find him the best/weirdest presents ever, call them "no good," and develop a committed devotion from all of her grandbabies (I believe there is a 6 member Cult of Dorothy- it is a thing). 

She gave BBG and I the sweetest gift, with the help of my brother Thomas, by buying the new baby a fresh version of Shiny, my favorite toy as a kid (and maybe also now. I commit for life or not at all). It was so sweet and thoughtful, and I hope he loves his. Also, slightly uncanny to see the stuffed bunny with ears and hair and all the pieces I chewed off 25 years ago.

Most Interesting Prego Quirk: Peeing. So much peeing. Just ridiculous.

I Would Really Like Some: I would like a pomegranate smoothie. Also, to be able to wear my wedding rings, which came off this week. How will I fight off all the men? (Seriously though, I have been hit on even with this watermelon tied to my front, which just goes to show that someone wanting to have sex with you does not count as a significant accomplishment) Mostly, I am really content and sufficiently spoiled, so how can I complain?
Bizarro Thing No One Warned me About: How long it takes for your partner to comprehend there is a person in there. Also, how long it takes you. Right now, I imagine him as like a cartoon sidekick who hugs my organs and shows off his killer dance moves. Today, playing with the test baby, I couldn't help but think that BBG is the exact same length now. 18-19 inches long. No wonder things are feeling cramped! Also, in our (genuinely wonderful) "Don't Hate Each Other When the Baby Comes" course, about 4 of the couples (so about half) already popped, so they have super fresh spawn with them. Watching them manage 7 hours of a newborn in unfamiliar spaces gave me hope and made me think more about how we will handle similar situations. As each week passes, you find yourself trying to get your head around the person in your uterus, and I am willing to bet you never actually get there until they arrive.

And The Boy?: I think he was also excited to get so much done on the nursery when my Mom visited. The two of them moved furniture around, basically to decide that everything belongs where it started. Who knows if that will always be true (it won't), but we still had fun pulling some things together. It makes it so fun and special when other people get involved with the baby!

Also, he nailed fake bathing and diapering with our baby "George" in newborn class. Then he used the bat hold and tried to roundhouse kick me in the face with the baby. Congratulations world, we are  reproducing.

Looking Forward to: Way fewer baby courses next week! This week was nuts that way, and I am feeling way overwhelmed with information, so I am excited for our last week with no doctor's appointment, no baby classes, and no "meet and greet" doctor appointments. We have crowned it "baby light" week, because the closer we get, the harder the topic is to avoid. Honestly, we need the break.  

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