3 Things for Yesterday- Sprouts, Reporting, and Voting!

by - Saturday, October 04, 2014

1. Apple, Raisins, Brussel Sprouts, and Bacon- I mostly do not like brussel sprouts. When the boy makes them, I always think I like them, and then about 4 sprouts in, I never need to eat them again. But I try every time! This combo was pretty delicious, and if you have to eat brussel sprouts, I recommend trying it this way.
2. Applefest Reporting- I like hearing about everyone's good times, plus the juicy gossip brought about when one puts a ton of people in the same place with nothing but fried food and crafts to distract them.
3. The push to get people to register to vote! Have a complaint about your local government? Frustrated that the current congress has worked less than any in history? Caught yourself bad mouthing much of anything about how the world is working around you? Seriously, voting is the bare minimum of citizenship. Go register! It's good for the soul!

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