Ideas for Babymoons (Where you Don't have to be Massaged)

by - Thursday, August 25, 2016

pregnant woman on her babymoon in new orleans

When we started to plan our babymoon, we saw the same list over and over again. They all suggest fancy hotels, lounging by bodies of water, and prenatal massages. Why do people think having a good babymoon just means doing nothing and having strangers touch you? Won't enough randos touch you while you are giving birth?

I also think there is a strain of condescension in all writing about pregnant women- every writer is pretty sure you just want to lounge places, when you might actually feel better up and moving? Wouldn't you like to do something fun before the little one in your uterus covers your life in poop?

I think a babymoon is a worthy goal, but I also know that a good vacation can look different ways to everyone. I think even having a short roadtrip to a nearby town or a staycation in your house is worth doing, because planning a little trip gives you something fun to look forward to (and it can be great for you to have something else to talk about with your partner that doesn't include what is hurting). I will grant that planning a babymoon requires you to consider all sorts of strange factors paired with your financial and physical ability to get away..

So, here are some of my best ideas for babymoons, by the challenges you might be facing as a prego:

Best Babymoon if Food has Turned Against You

ice skating in central park in new york city

The Basic Idea:  So you aren't traveling for the food, and you only have a small list of things you can eat, in some ways you can do a lot (on the other hand if what you can eat is nothing, please stay close to your hospital and feel better). If it is a small and specific enough list, then you basically have to go where that is available to you. If you can handle simple things like crackers, the good news is you can go anywhere, though I wouldn't recommend Las Vegas or New Orleans where you show up for the food (because booze is already out).

Places You Could Go:New York City, Jackson Hole, or Hawaii. If you have been sick a lot, odds are good you haven't had too many adventures the past few months. So if you can do it now, do it big. Stay somewhere where you can see a lot without spending too much time on foot (really thorough public transit or easily driveable areas is key). Places like Jackson Hole give you amazing views and easily distance scenic splendor, but make sure to bring what sits right with you. In a similar way, on The Big Island of Hawaii, you can get most anything you need for food, but you can enjoy the place without food being the main event.

Best Babymoon if You aren't really Moving and Shaking

the corn palace in south dakota

the badlands

The Basic Idea: If you don't want to move too much, you might try doing a fun roadtrip! Rather than accepting being totally sedate and sitting all weekend (which I am guessing you are already doing plenty at home), get a rental car with comfy seats and get moving on the road. Plan ahead, so you are never too far from a bathroom, but try to do some strategic sitting (with air conditioning and silly photo ops) and see something newer than your living room.

Places You Could Go: A miniature road trip, maybe through South Dakota or by the Coast? Up and down the Mississippi? I have found that any big roads in the Midwest have all sorts of awesome on them. Set the bar low, so you can enjoy it and take your time, since rushing may be no fun right now.

Best Babymooning if Napping is your New Best Friend

the streets of new orleans french quarter

The Basic Idea: Time for an eating vacation, because you need those afternoons for sleeping. I took a nap almost every day of our trip to New Orleans. I think the Southern slow burn of days encourages a slightly sleepier vacation. Austin (or San Antonio) might also be great, because you can get a hotel in the thick of things, and feel no shame (or significant time wasted) if you want to take breaks mid-day to lay down for a while.

Places You Could Go: New Orleans, Austin, San Antonio- Southern cities really are a great option, because the vibe is so chill (and people are so friendly and warm to pregos, oh the stories I heard). It makes a huge difference to have those around you be positive and patient. If these great cities are too far now, I highly recommend going to any smaller city or a small town, and booking a hotel right in the thick of things. It helps if you can leave your hotel without committing to being gone for the rest of the day.

Best Babymooning if your Bladder is your New Worst Enemy

las vegas for your babymoonlas vegas for your babymoon

The Basic Idea: I get it, you never want to be far from a bathroom, because you are pretty sure you have to pee again by the time you are finished washing your hands.This may be the best excuse for going somewhere that you basically plant it. I still would probably not stay in some super fancy hotel, though if you want to splurge and can, then go for it. But I think a larger hotel or resort guarantees you will never be far from a bathroom. Also, airports. You could just vacation in the airport, because there is usually a bathroom every 20 feet. You could just go from airport to airport, testing all their bathrooms.

Places You Could Go: Las Vegas might be a great option if you like tacky and fun. You go in one of those casinos and you basically never have to leave, you can see all sorts of bad behavior, money loss, and retired people gambling all at once. The crazy thing is there are also great restaurants and shows in many of the casinos. I also think the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo might be really fun, because if you are going to plant, doing it in the cheesiest knick knack cowboy theme rooms might be a little more fun. You could also go somewhere out in nature, like a cabin, just go for one with a working bathroom. No one needs to push the ruggedness here.

Best Babymooning if You are Saving for Diapers

Fallingwater in the summer

The Basic Idea: The easiest way to cut cost from travel is to cut out the distance you have to travel. Luckily, no matter where you are, you probably aren't far from something cool or new. If you want to play it even more low key, you could be a tourist in your own hometown, buy a few nice towels, and try turning your house into a hotel room.If you want to get further away and save money on lodging instead (also, you are outdoorsy), camping at a state or national park might be awesome. Just be sure to plan ahead!

Places You Could Go: There is something amazing not too far from you. Get on google maps and start finding things within the distance that feels good to you.  Cast a small net and get on Trip Advisor. Go somewhere with great reviews within a few hours.For example, here in Seattle we could go to Vancouver, or the San Juan Islands, or Portland, anywhere on the Pacific Coast, Olympia National Park, or Leavenworth. If you live in Pennsylvania, you could go to Conneaut and Pymatuming, Pittsburgh, Cedar Point, or Warren and the Allegheny Resevoir. You can even make it into a day trip! Don't talk yourself out of doing anything at all.

Best Babymooning if the Heat Makes Everything Swell

Lake Cour D'Alene for a babymoon

The Basic Idea: There are plenty of literally cool places to go so just free yourself from the idea that vacation= hot or beach. You could try taking a trip in a less hot season, or you could just go somewhere North, where hot is not their deal.

Places You Could Go: Alaskan Cruise (Before 22 weeks), Maine, Vancouver, or Idaho. Have you ever heard anyone talk about how gorgeous Idaho is? I feel it should come up more, because it really is a beautiful place, so you might consider one of these less-discussed but pretty northern places. Or, if you are better prepared (and loaded) than we are, we thought an Alaskan cruise would be a super cool babymoon. The downside is that the cutoff for cruise ships is way earlier in your pregnancy than airplanes. They do not want to risk birthing your child on a boat. The mermaids don't like that.

My last piece of advice? Stop sitting by the pool, no matter where you are at, and get in. Swimming is heaven when you are prego. Also, why do people enjoy just sitting by things? How did that become a big vacation thing?

If you want more pregnancy and baby ideas that aren't just the same old, I have PLENTY! Check out the Eco-Friendly and Made in America Baby Registry to start.

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  1. What beautiful pictures! Great locations and thorough post!

  2. Great ideas! We had our baby moon in Dubai in November. It was great to have some summer in the winter months.



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