3 Things for Yesterday- Walking, Wayne White, and Just Going to Bed

by - Friday, September 19, 2014

Yesterday, in all honesty, turned out to be a big old bummer. Things weren't working for my job and it was a straight up bad day at the Boy's job, so this week has really continued this year's stretch of building character whenever we think we have finally got things under control. It has been a character-builder for sure, but there is always something to be grateful for, so let's focus on the positive, shall we?

1. Walking laps in the house- It has been rainy here, and the last few days I have just been working from home, but between every 50 or so genomes, I walk a mile just doing laps in our house. I feel like my fitness has basically plummeted, and this week hasn't helped, but I am determined to get moving again, because I feel better when I do.

2. Wayne White- I know I talked about him already, but I love this artist. New favorite person. If I was only going to get to genome one thing yesterday before the system broke down (apparently still broken, so I am going to get all kinds of other work done today), it should be something as wonderful as him.  He directed the Tonight, Tonight music video for Smashing Pumpkins. New obsession. There is apparently a documentary about him, so I will be investigating that next (maybe today).

3. Just going to Bed- Sometimes, you have to accept the day has nothing left in it and just go to bed early. That's what we did last night, and it was pretty nice. Hopefully, today will be better!

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