Bumpwatch- Week 25

by - Sunday, August 10, 2014

How Far Along: 25 weeks! The size of a cauliflower supposedly. I have to say- the produce-sizing of babies is wildly confusing. In what world is cauliflower more substantial than a cantaloupe? He seems to shrink certain weeks. Plus, it makes me continue to be hungry, and I think it's clear I don't need encouragement to eat! 
Best Moment of the Week:Having my Mom visit! She has crazy high expectations of what can be done in about 24 hours, but I still had a super good time painting the nursery with her and letting her feel BBG move (she swore she could feel him moving when I couldn't at one point. Anyone else, I would think that is some wishful thinking silliness, but I kind of believe her).  She also feels hilariously more decided on the name than we do, mostly because she always sides with The Boy. Always. For 11 years. So even though he isn't willing to commit to the name, she already refers to the baby that way. If nothing else, you have to admire her commitment.

The nursery, by the way, looks very cute and not too boy-ish which I appreciate. Mostly it looks like our futon covered in junk in the middle of a freshly painted room. So our spawn can just move into that right? With the crib in a box in our living room? Could I make my billions marketing a new kind of parenting where your baby has to earn its furniture? Or just sleeps on the floor? We will get there, but for now, I am pretty proud that some progress took place.

Also, the Boy booked our hotel and a couple of restaurants for our pre-baby trip to New Orleans, so I am excited about that.

Most Interesting Prego Quirk: If you don't keep moving, you lose steam quickly. We had that low key weekend in Baltimore and hosted people here, and not much exercise was being had. I really feel it when we do it now. I am back up on steps a little bit, but I can see how the activity level issue becomes total stagnation. Halfway through your pregnancy, you are like a steam engine moving up a hill. When you stop, you can actually feel yourself rolling backward.

I Would Really Like Some: Raviolis. Restaurants have all sorts of delicious sounding ravioli specials on their menu right now, but they feature soft cheeses and harsh teasing, because I cannot eat them. So all I currently want is some sort of seafood in ravioli with summer veggies type thing, but alas, we will have to figure out how to make them at home, because eating out only feeds the dream, not the prego.
Bizarro Thing No One Warned me About: How often they have to take your blood. OBGYN's are prego blood vampires. All they really want is to make really brief small talk and then lop up another chunk of your blood. Also, the nurses consistently congratulate me on my low blood pressure, even though it causes all sorts of foolishness. Does this somehow help them since really all they want is my blood? Why does no one mention that about doctor's appointments while you are pregnant?

And The Boy?: We bought an old travel steamer trunk to use as a side table, and he has decided he can restore things, so he has started on that. We have been in moving mode with 10 projects on the docket for so long, that now I think he can't do without it. On the other hand, I think the trunk will come out looking really cool, and I feel grateful to have a partner who always wants to run with the ideas I get us started on. It will make a cool toybox someday, but only after we figure out how to make it less of a hazard to our baby's fingers.

Looking Forward to: A completely boring week! This should give me time to get things done for my job, and I can start trying to put things together for the nursery. Also, I am going to try to make lemon cupcakes. 

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