Bumpwatch Week 21

by - Sunday, July 13, 2014

How Far Along: 21 Weeks! Bumbo Baby is now the size of a pomegranate, which means it must have really filled out, since last week it was a banana. He has all 5 senses at work now (though the brain function thing seems a little fuzzy on the various mommy literature), so he can hear his dad sing and taste all the junk I ate this week. 

Best Moment of the Week: Having my dad and Amanda visit! One of the unexpected best parts (which maybe I should have expected, but still) is that when you have guests you are just on the move all the time. Even though my eating left a whole lot to be desired, I still got a solid number of steps in a day, so I feel alright about how the week went as a whole. It was nice to have family nearby and to share a week mid-way through this with them.
Most Interesting Prego Quirk: You can just explode into pregohood! A month ago, people still had no idea I was pregnant until I told them. Now, it's not much of a secret. I am shocked at how much my whole middle has expanded (it makes me question if I was just way curvier than I thought I was before). I can also see why people worry so much about stretch marks, because these things can seemingly get out of control overnight. I rub belly butter and rosehip oil on there at different times a day. I will let you know if it works, though I have to believe that God didn't make me both shockingly pale and not very stretchy. I have been see through my whole life, so let's hope this plastic wrap I call skin can stretch with ease.

I Would Really Like Some: More nectarines. Why are they so good here? Also, whatever the secret is to picking a name. I would like that, please.
Bizarro Thing No One Warned me About: Once the sweet little parasite starts moving, it doesn't take long before you can imagine it doing elaborate synchronized swimming routines all through your insides. One second he is one place, and then he is on the move. As things grow, they don't have as much room to move about, but apparently right now, he is exploring the paradise which is my gut.

And The Boy?: The scales are getting more elaborate, and he just generally seems more aware there is a person in there. He even let me sign us up for a small percentage of the various classes our hospital offers, so we will spend September and October becoming baby geniuses. Well, no. Not babies who are particularly intelligent. The other one. Geniuses on babies. Stay tuned, and I will let you know how to raise your children.

Looking Forward to: Getting to work on the nursery! We take our time, but a few odds and ends are beginning to stream in from those angel sellers on Etsy, and it makes me more excited to guss up Bumbo Baby's digs. We bought a suitcase shelf, which looks suspiciously like a trumpet case, and this only makes me like it more. 

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