12 Things for 4th of July Week

by - Sunday, July 06, 2014

1. Postglam at Center On Contemporary Art- CoCA is currently showing a really fun and gorgeous show that I love seeing when I come in to work. I especially love this pony helmut, which reminds me of my friend Dorian every time. CoCA's gallery is in Georgetown, and if you live in Seattle, you should check out this show.
2. Lemon Candles- We bought a cheapo lemon candle that makes our whole house smell like summer and sweet tarts. I am obsessed with it, and it just makes everything smell fresh.

from http://rappersarthistory.tumblr.com/
from http://rappersarthistory.tumblr.com/
3.http://rappersarthistory.tumblr.com/- You're welcome. This is my new favorite thing EVER. I saw the one that was just Beyonce lyrics and fine art, but now there is a tumblr for all sorts of rap with art objects. They make me giggle, and somebody really knows their rap music and their art history, which means there is hope for the universe.

4. Ricky Ricardo- I needed one more for the list, and this is what the Boy suggested. Clearly, I need more excitement in my life!

5. Our in-home "Mostly Marches" concert- We missed my favorite Silver Cornet Band concert on Thursday, so in it's honor, we played marches through our house, and the Boy even marched around for a while. It's not the same, but it feels good to at least try to get our head in the same space. Do other people keep traditions like these to try to feel connected to their hometown?

6. The Mystery of Cookie Cutter pancakes- I still have not mastered the fine art of using cookie cutters to make shaped pancakes. The cutters get hot and burn my fingers or I try to use it afterwards, but then you have all those scraps. Does anyone have a trick for this? My mom could just make shapes, but my batter seems to spread too much to do that. Still, it was fun to make some patriotic pancakes on the 4th.

7. Making Betty- This is why I love The Boy. We get invited to a 4th of July picnic. He says "Why don't we try making one of those watermelon bowls?" I look around for options and say "Why don't we make a watermelon shark?" and he goes for it. Not only does he go for it, but we really take it to another level, and he names her Betty. It was super fun to make her (though slightly less fun for him to carry her 12 blocks once we got there) and I just like that we really commit to these things.

8. How Betty Turned Out- She looks so happy! I may have carved her too smiley, so she almost  looks like a dolphin not a scary shark. Maybe we will pull off a meaner Betty next time. The people at the party mostly seemed pretty into it, though I am not sure our general spirited-ness was normal to them (we commit to our holidays!).

9. Wallingford Street on 4th of July- When we walked to Rayan's, there were children with lemonade stands. Lemonade stands. Somebody has realized that they could hit a summer nostalgia goldmine. People just sit all over the street which is blocked off to watch the fireworks. We saw people playing baseball in the street, we could hear a marching band playing (though they seemed to be celebrating Zelda and Mario more than America), and people set off fireworks everywhere (Washington State must have really loose fireworks laws, because in PA that shit would get you arrested). It took us FOREVER (ok, an hour) to get out of the neighborhood once it was over (and we waited an hour and a half before even trying), but it was worth it to be so close to the action and to really be celebrating with the city.

10. The Seattle Fireworks-  They were awesome. They had ones down close to the water and shot off up into the air. I think it was the best show I had ever seen, though I still prefer my Dad's backyard anyday (I had visions of next year and Bumbo Baby in the backyard to hold me over). There were also the most gargantuan fireworks I have ever seen (do you see the scale here? That is the main skyscrapers behind the big colorful blast). I just was in awe the whole time- it's surreal to see a view that beautiful.

11. Zucchini Pasta- Saturday, we mostly took it easy/ ate the rest of Betty's fruit salad, but for dinner the Boy used his spiral cutter contraption to make zoodles, with hot sausage garlic and veggies. It was a healthy dinner and you really can't tell the difference between the zucchini and a noodle.

12. Discovery Park- Just another corner of Seattle we went exploring, Discovery Park is a beautiful area right on the coast with a ton of hiking paths and some gorgeous views. In fact, I think there is a small museum on the grounds, but we didn't even see it, the park is so big. Perfect summer afternoon.

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