3 Things I am Grateful For From Yesterday- Goodness in the World, Stewart on Cantor, and Girl Box Office Power

by - Thursday, June 12, 2014

1. People doing good- My aunt sent me this article yesterday morning, and it really made my day- http://www.centredaily.com/2014/06/11/4218405/leonard-pitts-jr-wow-and-thanks.html?sp=%2F99%2F145%2F - I think this idea is brilliant in that it hits groups like Boko Haram ideologically, by encouraging and supporting more Nigerian girls going to school (I realize this is not a direct solution, but it is still a good idea). Educating people, especially girls, around the world is a huge feminist issue, and there are actually lots of ways that we can help, even if only monetarily. Malala Yousafzi risked her life to fight for education. It is that precious, and we take it for granted. I feel like efforts like these, and people's willingness to get involved, makes me feel so good about the planet.

2. Jon Stewart on Eric Cantor- What a crazy thing to have happen! This hasn't happened to a congress leader since the 1880's. So obviously, if you want some thoughtful political analysis (or just to giggle to yourself since some of the other political news yesterday was such a downer), you go to Jon Stewart. Look it up, it's a funny one.

from www.usmagazine.com
3. The success of Fault in Our Stars (in the same week as the success of Orange is the New Black)- I have to admit, I will probably not go see this movie in theaters. I didn't mind the book, but I have no need for a public weeping. I mean, right now, I can cry over a book on archival organization. I can cry over pork sandwiches. I can cry because I haven't for 3 whole hours. I am really good at crying. I don't want to embarrass all of the less-equiped weepy people. So, I will probably skip it. But, in a summer where all the movies are marketed toward men, I hope the girly domination will continue to send a message that maybe making movies for women is a great idea. I also hope that since Orange is the New Black has crushed it's Netflix counterparts (and seems to have taken over the soul of the Boy), tv can receive the same message. Men will watch things seemingly marketed to women, and even if they don't, an audience that was 80% women still crushed a Tom Cruise action movie audience. Go team!

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