3 Things for Sunday- Deck Furniture, Pride Parades, and Nesting Days

by - Monday, June 30, 2014

1. Finishing our deck! Ok, actually, those poles still need screwed into the floor, but it is basically done, and I am super proud of us, because the whole process was long and challenging, but we got through it in time for Pagmanda's visit next week! More than anything, this makes me feel like I am living in someone else's house, because having actual outdoor furniture seems like something for much fancier people.
from http://jezebel.com/some-pride-parades-are-nuts-i-cant-believe-people-are-1597757001
2.All the images of the Pride Parades all over the world- It's amazing to see the variation but also the joy at this event. We went to San Francisco's Pride Parade last year, but this year we had a lazy day at home, so it was nice to at least see the pictures (also, one of my Camp Galileo friends was participating with HRC, and you can just make her out in some of the pictures! How cool!). I just love the joy of these pictures, though you could still ask some serious questions about the politics of these parades as they become more corporate-based.
3. Nesting days- Sometimes, you just have to hide from the world. We had one of those days yesterday, and it was the best way we could handle the general craziness of the moment.

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