9 Things for the Last 3 Days

by - Thursday, May 08, 2014

Ok, first I want to say I wrote this whole damn thing last night, it was on point, and it didn't take for whatever reason. This has led to some bitterness, and you are getting the short version now. Disgusting. 

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1. Awkward Avril Lavigne pictures-So amazing and tragic. She will only touch you if you are Nickelback.
2. The first half of Top Chef Masters- Much better when Richard Blais talks less. Do you know that he is so humble because he is the most amazing one but he still has doubts? Let him tell you all about it. Plus, it all in all is a very sexist set of men that season, which makes Carla's awesomeness all that more satisfying.
3. Felix and Oscar- The Odd Couple is perfect Saturday morning movie, because it is simple, warm, and funny. This is the year of Jack Lemmon. I love him.
4. Yodamole-May the 4th works as a Star Wars holiday. It is too short for Episodes 1 through 3 and just long enough for 2 theme snacks. Then Cinco de Mayo is the next day! Just amazing.
5.Getting chased through a parking lot because I accidentally brought the basket with me-I have lost my mind, but the Rite Aid manager was there to help me find it. It also makes me wonder just how many of them are stolen, because he was pretty upset about it.
6.Non-California Post Offices- They are AMAZING. If you live in California long enough, you forget that it is possible to go in and out of a post office in under an hour without being filled with rage. Walking into my Seattle post office for the first time and seeing that it was practically empty was the best moment I have had there since the move (ok, I kid, but not that much).
7. Kelly Moore Bags- These purses are so fancy, but I love that they are well-insulated camera bags that look like purses, and I think the larger ones might be very useful later on when I have a lot to carry. So the Libby is the dream bag now, but I think it would probably be foolish for me to get, kind of like buying sunglasses over 20 bucks and immediately lose them.
8.That something weird always happens on red-eye flights- I think it was the first time I have ever heard someone have a sex dream. Those were some noises, and since I had to wake up every half hour anyway, it made for pleasant company.
9. Bossypants- Tina Fey's book is a bestseller because it is perfect plane reading. Positive,funny, doesn't require too much attention, and doesn't remind you of your own mortality or the world's eventual destruction etc (Thanks Norbert Weiner, for ruining plane reading for years).

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