3 Things for Yesterday- Yet Another Flying Day

by - Wednesday, May 14, 2014

1. Cheddar broccoli soup- I am trying to get on the soup train, because I notice it is one of those things that is almost always a healthy option. I am not sure that stands true with this soup, but it really is delicious. Trying to be healthier, as always, but cheese and broccoli are never a bad idea.
2. The way the air feels after a thunderstorm- I miss big storms and the way they make the world feel afterward. It just makes me happy, because it isn't as stormy on the west coast.
3. People fighting jerkiness with simple kindness- On my flight from Denver to Seattle, I sat across the aisle from a couple with a year old baby who was just having a rough time on the flight. She cried for a lot of it, but the parents were calm, patient, and loving, so who can really complain? Sometimes these things just happen. One of the women sitting behind them felt it was necessary to give them a bunch of pointers and to instruct them about what they were doing wrong. How can someone thing this is ok? Immediately, an older woman behind me told them they were doing a great job, and three other people around them chimed in as well. God bless. Truly, it was just kind, and no one addressed the instructor or what she said, but their meaning was obvious and wonderful.

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