My Ten Goals for 2014

by - Wednesday, January 01, 2014

from which is a pretty inspiring place to look
1. Start a new chapter of our life with enthusiasm and purpose- This year is going to be a big one because we are moving to Seattle at some point in the course of the year. My biggest goal for the year is to go into this big change as a new adventure, where we are blessed to meet new people, see new things, and experience the challenges of buying a new house with a sense of fun. I also will have to start over with jobs, volunteering, etc again for the second year in a row. I am excited to take what I learned in the last ten months and put it to work, hopefully finding more jobs and missions that I love. My big goal for this year is to make the best of this change and to ENJOY starting a whole new phase in our relationship and lives.

2. Get back to reading more difficult material, going to galleries more often, sharpening my critical thinking- You can all hold me accountable on this. I would like to be reading critical texts and going to exhibitions on a weekly basis. I think I might start writing myself little syllabi for each season. I want to balance reading fun fiction and watching movies with things that keep my brain sharp. This also means spending less time watching Bravo and reading magazines on the treadmill (but not no time, because I can't live without Top Chef).


3. Visit at least one new state- This probably won't be a huge travel year, but I would still like to visit at least one new state (I have 10 to go!). The ones we want to do while we are still living on the West Coast are Alaska and the Southwest (we still haven't done any of that). We will hopefully get to one of these this year.

4. Take more photographs with a good sense of depth/ play with my aperture more- I think in the past 2 months,  my photography has actually gotten worse. I would like to play enough with my aperture and shutterspeed that I can shoot that way all of the time, not just when I am shooting plants and have plenty of time to mess with it. I need to train my brain to work in a more complex way when I am taking pictures.

5. Write more honest and substantive blogs- I like writing my three things, because I am always writing and practicing positivity daily, but I would like to be writing more about the deeper things on my mind as well as (and this one is important) posts that might be useful to somebody else.

6. 500 Stickers, 5 million steps-5 million steps seems like a lot, but it is really just a little under 100,000 a week, which is like 12,000 a day. So only 1 extra mile per day to what I was already doing. More importantly, I would like to get our eating on track, because I think we have been feeling kind of weighed down by our eating, and we are sick of eating junk all the time. We need to get back to some of our better habits.

7. Figure out how to teach conceptual art to children- I think I have th eknack of teaching very young people how to pull visual elements out of what they see or how to take an element of art (color, line, etc) and turn it into an art object. What I am not sure I have my arms around is how to teach kids that what we see always has an idea behind it, and just like writing, that idea can be articulated in many different ways: a story, an argument, even something more abstract. I think that it is perfectly reasonable that a kid be able to equate vision and rhetoric early on (and I think making that connection is really empowering), but I am still figuring out how you illustrate that in a digestible way.

8. Take more leadership roles in my volunteering- I think the key to this is to get over myself (my angst, my shyness, etc), keep working on what it means to be kind, and be more willing to be honest and active in solving the problems in what i see around me. Part of this also stems from long-term commitments, and I am looking to make some real lasting ties to the community we will be joining. I would like to make a positive difference in the world, and the only way to do that is to do it.

9. Defrost the Seattle Freeze- They are apparently very nice but not very social. They like people, but they like being at home even better. I GET THAT SO MUCH, but this is just the kind of thinking we are trying to step away from. It took a while (and a bunch of stretching away from school) to connect with people we really liked in the Bay. I would like to be more proactive in this arena this time.

10. Make at least one thing a week (the blog no longer counts!)- I want to be drawing, painting, writing, and generally making a lot more, because now I remember how happy it makes me. I am taking a studio course this spring that I am really looking forward to. I will let you know how it goes.

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