January Fashion Inspiration and What Worked in December

by - Sunday, January 05, 2014

January Inspiration

Looking ahead at this coming month, I think I will call it a fashion win if I am not running around naked or in a paper bag or something. We do have one big clothes moment coming- next week, we are going to our first ever black tie wedding. When we were first invited, I think we were pumped at the idea of going to a party in a fancy DC museum (on top of being very exited for my friend Kyle, who is a super dork stuck in a Ken doll's body). Now, I am feeling kind of overwhelmed by the whole thing- I got the dress:
Cute right?I thought it was pretty, and since I am not sure exactly how fancypants you can get at these things, navy seemed like a good choice. I also got it hemmed, so it is no longer for a much taller woman. So in my head, I had it figured out, but then there is this whole styling element that I still don't really get. What color shoes are you supposed to wear? How does a person do their own hair in a more black tie way? So I decided to do all gold with it (except I may just wear old skin-toned heels- Is that allowed? Who cares?
from http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/45/d4/8e/45d48ed2334611e7439eab08386e17d5.jpg
So I have a long gold necklace, a gold little purse thing kindly lent to me by Amanda, and I have a pair of gold sparkly flats and tiny neutral heels if I am feeling ambitious. So I get to feel on top of things now right? WRONG! The Gods of Fancypants won't be ignored! I will have to do my hair and makeup for this shindig- how exactly do I pull that off?  Let's look to the interwebs for inspiration:

from http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/andy-samberg-engaged-to-joanna-newsom-2013252
 Pinterest has lots of do it yourself types of hairstyling, all of which are beyond my capabilities. I don't understand how women do their own hair without Shiva-like extra arms. So we are keeping it simple. I like this simple bun and heavy upper lid liner from supergoddess Joanna Newsom.

from http://www.townandcountrymag.com/the-scene/weddings/bridesmaid-dress-style-2013#slide-18
 I also like this kind of look with a simple ponytail. Also, check this lady's clavicles. They look powerful.

from http://i00.i.aliimg.com/wsphoto/v0/1368105050/Free-shipping-2013-Sexy-Short-Sleeves-Deep-V-Neck-Elie-Saab-font-b-Evening-b-font.jpg
Last would be something like this, if I could manage a low bun, but I know curling like that might be a little much. These were my inspirations anyway. I will let you know what I come up with in the end!

What Worked in December


December was all about wearing clothes that are holiday-festive, while remembering that really dressing up for these things is kind of ridiculous, since I will spend a solid percentage of the Christmas season covered in cookie flour and sitting on the floor for Duck Duck Goose. I found the key to this was long tanks and a tinsel scrunchie. Yep, I rocked a scrunchie to celebrate Baby Jesus.

On Christmas Eve, I wore the dress I bought for Corinne's wedding in October (yay being a red and green kind of girl). I did step it up a notch with snowman earrings that my Aunt Linda gave us for Christmas. 

For Christmas Day, I wore my maroon shirt with a grey tank underneath (again, you really need that because you are up and down so much on that day!), I wore the necklace we bought at the Maasai Market in Nairobi, because it is all green and red and it reminds me of Christmas. It is also my favorite, so it made the whole thing feel more special.

My mom gave me this striped sweater dress that I liked so much that I wore it for Greene Christmas and New Year's Eve. It works well with tights and boots, so it wasn't too cold for the PA weather. What trying to do this has taught me, more than anything, is that there really aren't too many pictures taken of me, so when I go to find pictures that include my outfits, there really isn't much to pick from. Maybe I will try to do better with this in January. Or, I will just be proud not to be wearing my clothes inside out and backwards, like I originally planned.

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