6 Things for Yesterday and Today- The Apartment, NOW, and Prefixes

by - Friday, January 10, 2014

1. Isaac, the Original Foodie-The story of Jacob and Esau is a real downer all in all (I mean really, you don't have two blessings in you? You got tricked by fur mittens?), but it's hard not to appreciate a person who really just wants a good meal.

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2. Shirley MacLaine and Jack Lemmon- The Apartment has to be one of the least well-known movies on the AFI list. At least to me. But the Billy Wilder classic has to be one of the sweetest things he ever wrote, and Shirley and Jack are just heaven in it. She pulls off a pixie haircut that looks suspiciously like the Boy's hair in middle school, but she is just pure glow, so it works.
3.NOW- I am glad this group exists. I have been reading a lot about the great things they do, and I think I will probably join a chapter after our move.
4. Taking off from SFO- I love when you pull away and you are right over the Bay.

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 5. Meryl Streep's Speech about Emma Thompson- You can read it here. Be prepared to recognize. My favorite part, even better than the whole pointing out that Disney was racist and sexist, is when Meryl highlights Thompson's creative motivation. She says Emma makes things that she thinks will be good for the world,. I like the idea of making your first priority to identify cultural needs and fill them, to not make things that will make the world worse. Also, how can you not love two women loving on each other in such a sweet but dignified manner? You have the sense of mutual respect and collegial love. In a perfect world, everyone would get to feel such inspiring words about themselves.
6. Prefixes- who knew that prefixes would be the key to finally connecting phonics and meaning? If you are ever teaching ESL reading, I highly suggest using prefixes early on (not 5 months in like I did). I finally broke through with a student today. If you can get a 12-year-old pumped about pronunciation and finally nailing his "th"s, you have had a good day, no matter how many horrible business travelers act crazy trying to get on your flight (why does United encourage this foolishness? I will never understand).

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