6 Things for Weekend in DC

by - Sunday, January 12, 2014

1. The entirely impractical architecture at the Native American Museum- I get it. We all want to be the Guggenheim Museum, I understand that. And I loved that the circular space serves as an homage to the importance of the shape in many tribes' philosophies. But a space needs to serve the objects within it right? This balance might be difficult to strike, but I do question when a contemporary spaces like these seem so disinterested in what is within them. I guess the massive empty space could be a very subtle allusion to the many parts of their history which resist the institution. Let's call it that, shall we?

2.Seed beads- If I had been near a computer on Saturday, these would have been my inspiration for the day. They were so delicate, but they radiate that beautiful kinetic energy that happens whenever colors mingle so closely.

3. Damage Control at the Hirschorn Museum- This exhibition gorgeously surveys art that reflected on damage, destruction, and loss after the atom bomb in the 1950's. Not only did it feature some of my favorite pieces (every time I see Pipolotti Rist, I am sitting on the floor in Berlin), but it reframed them in a history that I am not usually comfortable discussing. Thinking about Erased DeKooning as a response to the atomic bomb, rather than an oedipal middle fingers to the Ab Ex titans, created a whole new view on a work I thought I had heard talked to death. Getting to see Cut Piece against Yoko Ono's earlier Fluxus instruction was such a treat.

We think of destruction in so many ways- with fear, with awareness of our own mortality, as cleansing, as violent, as fun. The show's simple conceit gave a lot of room to rethink pieces around an increasingly complex idea. I loved it. I am exceedingly bitter that the museum closed before I could pick up a catalog. This exhibition kicked ass, and if you are going to be in DC between now and March, go see it. Trust me, I am doing you a favor.

4. The White House- You can really get close. How long do you think we would have to stand there posing it out before an Obama walked by?

5. Diver Scallops- We ate dinner at The Founding Farmers which serves huge portions of really fresh yummy food. These were awesome. First top ten contender of 2014? This year is going to be delicious.
6. That Amy Poehler FINALLY won something-Gahhhh. If I had known that my enthusiastic watching and rooting for her was what was kept her from awards so much, I would have stopped tuning in a long time ago.
7. Diane Keaton's hair- My goodness, she looks gorgeous.

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