6 Things for the Last Two Days- Christmas Decor Take Down, Mussels, and Sass

by - Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Man, my blogging motivation has been low the last few days. Things really aren't that busy yet, but I keep thinking about how busy they will be, and it makes me feel tired and lazy. I also am prepping for the class I start today, and most of my energy has gone there.

1. Organizing the Christmas decorations- I hate taking the Christmas decorations down, but I also kind of love taking them down. It feels like setting my 11 month from now self up for a great day. I like making sure everything is organized and makes sense for the order it needs to be pulled out next time we decorate for Christmas. What is even crazier this time is that we will be decorating a different home, which I think will be such a fun challenge. Anyway, this day can only be so fun, because your winter wonderland becomes a boring old apartment again, but it also is a day that prepares you for another wonderful season. It bookends the year.
2. The first season of the Muppet Show- We are about halfway through, and I think we have recognized 3 celebrities? For serious, who are these people? And why does Miss Piggy not sound like Miss Piggy? Still, you have to love the beginnings of these things, and a lot of it still cracks me up. I weirdly love Wayne and Wanda- what happened to them?
3. Psych- "It's Captain Crunch" This show has won me over. Also, it has made me deathly afraid of Murder Capital Santa Barbara. It basically works as a live action cartoon.

4. Mussels! I know they look scary, but they are so easy and delicious. Most importantly, they make the whole house smell like garlic and curry.
5. Making portfolios- Such a simple craft. If you are ever thinking of making one for your kids or class, let me know and I will do a demo on here. It was so easy, and I think they came out so cute.
6. Sassy Email Guilt- Do you ever write a sassy email and then feel guilty about it the rest of the day? I had one of those yesterday. I blame myself for blaming myself, because I wasn't in the wrong, but I don't think I needed the sass.

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  1. Wayne and Wanda are actually in the new Muppet movie. At some point lights come on and they are caught making out.