3 Things for Yesterday- Cook's Magazine, Mindy and Danny, and 8-year-old wisdom

by - Wednesday, January 08, 2014

1.Cook's Magazine- We love this magazine, which is a gift we got for Christmas. You learn the weirdest, but most interesting things in there. The Boy sits and makes "Aha!" noises while he reads it.
2. The final scene on The Mindy Project- I love Danny Castellano, because apparently I have a thing for short sassy Italian men. On the other hand, it is hard to forgive his "lose ten pounds" from the premiere, and even more so, the fact that her weight is constantly mentioned and debated. The show is kind of a let down, because it never seems all that sure what it is doing, and because it seems to just constantly tear her down for her looks (despite the fact that she is clearly a very beautiful woman). Last night's scene between the two of them was a really refreshing change of pace.
3. Having conversations with 8-year-olds- they never fail to take things in directions you were never expecting, sometimes in ways that break your heart.

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