Today's Inspiration- Intimacy Autonomy

by - Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Joan Semmel is famous for her graphic, large scale paintings of nude bodies from the female perspective (literally- you are looking through a woman's eyes).  I read and talk so much about women and how they see themselves, and since the 70's, Semmel has forced her viewer to look through the woman's eyes, recognizing desire as something that only belongs to men and bringing up questions of how women see themselves. She continues to do these to look at the bodies of older women, bringing visibility to bodies that are often ignored.

In these later images from 2009 and 2010, Semmel puts her own body, often in motion, on display. She allows an incredible amount of vulnerability to herself. These paintings also seem to have a photographic quality, where time is registered in the blurs and motion in the image, like a photograph made with a slow shutter speed. As I think about my dissertation topic and how much I loved it, even though I left it, this is why. I will always love this art.

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