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by - Sunday, December 22, 2013

I know I am way behind. I am also way behind on sleep, so every time I have chosen between the two, I have fallen asleep on my keyboard with the same blog half-written (Damn you, top ten movies of 2013!). So let's do this, shall we?

1.Orange is the New Black- We knew this show was made for binge watching, but we weren't prepared to love it so much that we would want to slow down just to savor every episode. Everyone was right. It was so so good. It may have actually been the first thing to beat Parks and Rec (first time in 4 years?) as my favorite show of the year. You find yourself hysterically laughing and broken- hearted almost every episode. It also packs a lot more plot than you might expect for a show set in what seems like a pretty monotonous world. The whole production has received copious praise for the many races, lifestyles, sexualities, body types, and classes it addresses at once, but what I loved most was seeing these women interact with each other. It felt so honest to the complexity and depth of female relationships in a way you almost never see in tv or film (but you constantly experience in your everyday life even if you aren't in jail). I really loved it, and I am so sad it is over. Bring on season 2!
2. Victory sushi- Life is pretty great for the Boy right now, and I was so happy to celebrate with him, even if that was all the celebration he needed.
3. Blanket stitch- I have mastered one embroidery stitch. I know I have a lot to go, but I am really enjoying it and the results are very cute.

4. My new PA necklace- If you bought me this, please let me know so I can thank you (Melissa Adzima, I am looking at you). I got a very cute etsy necklace the shape of Pennsylvania with a heart where Franklin is. Now I can wear it when I am homesick.
5. Green Lake Grill- We had dinner in a restaurant in Greenlake that I thought was really good without being pretentious or fancypants. I got the salmon, which is pretty tough to switch up too much, but they put an arugala and fennel salad on top that tasted lemony and delicious. I also like any place that puts out yummy food but still feels like a regular bar. Also, I feel weird that I am writing about fennel salads, but it was good, so what can you do?
6.Getting lost twice- Do you think you ever reach a point where you don't have to get things a little bit (or a lot) wrong before you get it right? I hope not, because then you must be a real grown-up.


7.  Cold showers- The Boy is a travel maochist. A hotel is only 36 dollars, but does not have tv, wifi, phone reception, or hot water is not a great deal. But there was no blood on the sheets, so it didn't win the award for the worst place we have ever stayed. I feel a little bit proud that it barely makes the top 3.
8. Triolade Bars- My mom killed it on Christmas gifts this year (like really above and beyond), but nothing fills wme with more joy than my favorite ever Milka bar. It has dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate in little layers. I may have already eaten a 6th of it, which is impressive since it is ginormous.
9.Shirley- Favorite cheftestant this season. Rooting for her to win it!

10. The beautiful toddler who is making eyes at the Boy and I as I sit on the airplane writing this (obviously, it took even longer to get this up)- Because of the Beardy Duck Guy's controversy, I have been thinking a lot about what Jesus meant when he told us to be like children, and I think the instinct to love everybody with little to no reason is a big part of it. I want to spew that kind of joy all the time.
11. Airport fruit cups- Why are they always all grapes and melon rines?

12. The Dallas Airport Yoga Studio- How did this even happen? At first, it looks as though the sign is marking a maintenance closet as a yoga stuudio, which made us laugh all on its own. But no, there is an actual studio right around the corner.

13. The world's curviest Christmas Tree- It's short, but it is amazing. And it can hold way way more than a six foot tree should. Apparently soon after this photograph was taken, the whole thing fell over. But it is so cushy that the whole thing seemed to turn out fine. It is just a big soft ball of Christmasy-ness, so I really love it.
14. Stan Kenton Christmas- For years, I have been listening to my Christmas mixes thinking that there was something seriously missing, and I couldn't figure out what it was. While decorating, I heard one of the Christmas songs that sounds like that moment when you turn all the lights off and bask in the glow of the tree. I will put up a youtube video after this, so you can enjoy it too! Pag told me that it was Stan Kenton, and now I will never miss out on him again. Next year, we will finally master the whole Christmas music playlist, because I found the missing link!

15. Christmas in Mordor Cookies- Moffitt cookies is one of my favorite days of the whole year, and in some ways it is always getting better. I actually think now the cookies have gotten so kooky,that people are intimidated by themselves in previous years. I love this night so so so so much. Any night where you convene with your cousins and make Sponge Bob, 2 humped camels, yetis, pacman, and double butterflies has to be a good night.

16.Staying up until 3:30 AM with these people- Technically, this was Saturday, but it lasted well into Sunday. I miss these nights so much, but we laughed through the whole night. You know everybody is in a good mood if Trivial Pursuit can be fun all the way through. The fun usually ends around the 4th pie piece. This, with a game of cards against humanity (no one should have to say "queefing" in front of their mother-in-law) made for a pretty kickass night. It made me happy.
17.Handel's Messiah at the First United Methodist Church- This beautiful buttery yellow sanctuary with the nativity stained glass window was the perfect setting for Messiah. The choir did a beautiful job, and the whole thing just sounds like Christmas. Also, you know you are home when you go to something like that and you can identify at least half of the choir. It also just makes me so happy to see people I know when I go places.
18. Sheetz MTO's- If your food doesn't end with a z, then really, how good could it possibly be? I may have only eaten Sheetz today for my meals.

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  1. The heart necklace was me!! I saw it and I just knew it was for you. I'm glad you like it :) Love you!