December Fashion Inspiration and What Worked in November

by - Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Ideas for December

In terms of actual fashion, I am not feeling too inspired for December. From my experiences in November, I am trying to figure out how to feel pretty, be warm, and not have people be confused all at the same time. This is my challenge for the trip home later this month, working from all old stuff, because who spends money on themselves in December? These are the two most inspirational pictures I saw:
from kansas couture (she is pretty amazing)

Basically, the only fashiony topic I have been interested in the last week or so is seeing what Lupita Nyong'o is wearing, because she is ridiculous. First of all, I will grant you that I could never actually pull off anything she does, but I love her anyway. She is so bold in her color choices (purple lips!) and she just radiates an intelligent cool. Here is some of her gorgeousness:

This may be my favorite red carpet look ever. The dress is AMAZING, and she paired its whole classic almost tux-y (Does this remind anyone else of Summerstock?) dress with purple lipstick. This is my only real fashion inspiration for this month, but really, do you need anything else?

What Worked in November

 First of all, I want to give a nod to my red coat, which was working overtime on this visit home, especially considering I have more buttons in the pocket than on the actual coat. That is commitment.

 I loved this sweater that I got from modcloth and rolled out on Thanksgiving, but too many people asked me if I was pregnant that day to count it as a total success. Still, I enjoy that the message it sends- "BLAMO! These are my boobs!!!"

 Another look from Thanksgiving at home. I am not ready to let the peplum die, for my own selfish reasons. I love an actual waist on a shirt.
 Blue blouse with J Crew outlets cardigan is becoming a canonical part of the wardrobe. I feel it also sends boob messages, but in a more polite, less Lichtensteiny way. This seems right in the pocket of my cutesy librarian style.

Also, let's hear it for hats. The Boy hates them, but I love a good reason to wear them, because I have yet to meet a knit hat that I didn't love just a little bit. One of the best parts about the snow.

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