3 Things- Steadying Up, Love is all Around, and Awkward Shopping

by - Sunday, December 08, 2013

1. Getting our feet back underneath us- Laugh all you want. We all know this will last about 5 minutes, but for now, it is nice to feel like we are actually back on top of our life. It is crazy to think that for years, this time of year all I was doing was writing papers. Being in grad school is a lot harder than being a normal human.
2. Emma Thompson in Love Actually- at some point, someone points out to you that almost all the love stories in Love Actually are about how men love secretaries and cleaning ladies and educated women end up alone. What a bummer. You can't unbreak that glass. Then you start questioning why the little boy can learn drums so quickly, or why the security guards don't just shoot him. But Emma Thompson is still the bomb, and it is still the only romantic comedy the Boy is weirdly pumped about.
3. Stocking shopping- trying to avoid your significant other in a small store is kind of super fun. Maybe I should try to avoid him more often?

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