3 Things- The Smell of Curry and Mussels, Republicans Learning about Ladyfolk, and Football Shampoo

by - Monday, December 09, 2013

1. Curry Steamed Mussels-Oh boy, this is currently my favorite food in the whole world (check in again with me tomorrow). Nothing smells better, and with some toast, you can't go wrong. Our particular recipe uses curry, mussels, garlic, and red pepper, so when you open, it looks like Christmas. It made me decide that we should do the feast of seven fishes on Christmas Eve some year. Of course, there has to be something wrong with deciding we will do an Italian tradition that isn't actually one of his family's traditions, but mussels!
2. The writing on the Republican's lady training- Oy. This is just embarrassing. If you are a political party which only truly values the rights (and privileges) of it's white male members, you are going to have an increasingly large problem on your hands, because they do not make up the majority of the voting population. Why anyone would want to vote for someone who politely keeps their sexism quiet (while still maintaining that view) is pretty much beyond me, but it is a fascinating glimpse into "how far they have to go." You can read about it at these sites, as well as lots of others:




3. Polamalu's shampoo commercials- Head and shoulders never had a better spokesperson, because his hair really is the definition of beauty.

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