6 Things- Kirby, Speakeasy Sandwiches, and Old College Papers

by - Saturday, December 28, 2013

1.How little can be done in a day- We had a slightly more chill day yesterday after we hit a wall and could not be social anymore (we are having a similar moment now, as I clean out my room at my Dad's house and write this blog). I think I am going to get so much done on these days, but it never seems to work out that way. I find this incredibly stressful, so it is a real relief when doing nothing can be one of the goals for the day.
2. Kirby with Petey- Loyal readers will remember my obsession with Kirby Magic Yarn game, which took the Boy and I quite a while to beat. Petey did it all in 2 days. Apparently when it comes to video games, I stand slightly below the level of a 6 year old. There's no denying it now.
3. Franklin Basketball- Apparently the team has some struggles this year. Not the least of which is that they just aren't very good. The score was down in the teens for the majority of the game, but I still enjoyed it.
4. James St. Gastropub and Speakeasy- someday, when I force the Boy to move back to Pittsburgh with me, we will frequent this restaurant. The menus are record covers! There is a speakeasy in the basement! They sell crab cake sandwiches! All in all, an ambiance and taste win. Perfect place for a reunion with The Boy's college friends.
5. Old college papers- Namely, a paper about gender identity in Chinese folk tales that I wrote for a pre-transition, now mtf transgender professor I had my senior year. She is and was a lovely person, and the comments and exhanges we had in that class (basically me fighting with a bunch of dude's dudes) take on a new meaning with a little more distance. I think you can always learn from reading your earlier stuff, and this little response has really stuck with me today. Thank you Pu Songling.

6. Leonardo's Pizza- I know I am going to sound biased here, but it really is the most delicious pizza in the whole world. It was crazy busy tonight, so we felt bad taking up table space, but I am glad we got a slice of this pizza, since we probably won't have another chance for months.

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