3 Things for Yesterday- Field Trips and Tree Decorating

by - Thursday, December 05, 2013

You know when you have one of those days where nothing all that spectacular happens, but it is just a really really good day? I had one of those yesterday.

1. Christmas Hershey Kisses- Why are they so much better than regular chocolate? Ok, maybe they actually aren't, but they fit in our advent calendar and kissing Santa ornament, so that makes them better. Plus, that add is still good, I can see why they never stopped using it.

2. Kindergarteners- I like kindergarteners way more than I like people in general. I think I just get them, their enthusiasm, and their incredible aptitude for inappropriateness. Also, they get really excited about painting paper leaves and acting like trees. It was another great work day, and I feel like I am really gaining some momentum.

 3. Leftover clam chowder with parsley on top- The Boy's clam chowder is delicious, and I think that the parsley really stepped it up even more.

4. Starfish Santa- One of the best things about putting decorations up is to see the couple of ornaments we got on our trip over the year (this one is from Hawaii). I highly recommend ornaments as a tourist takeaway, because it makes them feel more special and your fridge isn't as covered in stuff. Also, less dusting. The best part is unwrapping them to put the ornaments up on the tree , because we can reminisce over the year (Exactly why did we buy the lizard buffalo at Kazuri glass anyway?).
5. Elf- Best Christmas movie of the last ten years. Also, best Christmas movie soundtrack of the last ten years.

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