3 Things for Thursday and Friday- Love, Lights, and Cigarette Smoke

by - Saturday, December 07, 2013

1. Making ornaments- I like that this is becoming a family tradition in our house, though I think it actually stresses the Boy out a little bit. I will share what we are making once we have handed them out, because it is no fun to see your presents before you get them (unless you get to sneak them out).
2. A Team Essie polish- I hate the name, but I love the polish. Red toenails make me happy, and this may be my favorite red ever.

from ohmydeer
3. This- I have never seen this quote from him anywhere else, but I would like to believe that he said it, because of how beautiful the idea is. This stays on my mind quite a bit.

4. The lights at the Caltrain Station- Currently, on Fridays when I get to the city, it's dark. When I leave the city, it is already dark again. The biggest bright spot of this is that the Caltrain station now has a train all decorated for Christmas in the cheesiest, campiest way possible. Santa seems to be karate-chopping something, so you know that is serious business.
5. The de Young bookstore- We got the employee discount yesterday for their big sale, and if I hadn't had to carry it all back with me (and I don't have weird hangups about buying myself anything in the month of December), I would've bought the whole store. I did get some great Christmas gifts, so I am excited about that.
6. Briefly smelling something that reminds you of home- Last night on the train, I got a sudden whiff of whatever cigarette smoke used to fill Alfeo's house when they were all smokers. It just made me smile. It's like when I smell a whiff of my Great Grandma's basement or Grammy's on the Lake or Camp Judson. I love familiar smells.

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