3 Things- Door Decorating, Evil Librarians, Snowflake Cake

by - Tuesday, December 10, 2013

1.  Decorating the door with my Kidsmart kids- Nothing like a pack of 3rd graders to turn a day around. Add in crafting and the enthusiasm kids have when they make things, and yesterday was pretty much awesome.
2. Evil Librarians- Tom Haverford was right about them. They are punk ass book jockies. Yesterday, I turned in the last of my Stanford paperwork, grabbed the last of my books out of my library space, delivered some thank you cards, and left Cummings, hopefully forever. It was a bittersweet moment, but I felt happy to walk away from what has turned out to be a ridiculously prolonged and very messy breakup. About 20 minutes later, one of the librarians wrote me to say I needed to carry my books up from my carrel. Really? REALLY?????? Thanks a bunch Devil Librarian, never met you and I wish Roy had intercepted this message. You are the worst.  There is only one shelf left with books on it. I would carry them up to the desks, and then they would just carry them back to the stacks. It took the most anticlimactic goodbye even more anticlimactic. Yesterday, I refused to go back. Today, I am feeling bad about being so bitchy about it, but I refuse to go back. Refuse! Plus, if I went, the Boy would yell at me for being a pushover.

3. Snow Ball cake- This is my tradition for celebrating the anniversary of our first date 11 (!!!) years ago. This one is not my best, I'll be honest. Something is weird with the frosting, but it isnt horrible, and The Boy says he will eat it all anyway.

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