by - Friday, December 27, 2013

 1. Seeing everyone I know out shopping- I love being home. It doesn't get much better than leaving your house and seeing everyone from the people you love to the people you forgot existed. Also good were the large collections of log furniture and rebel flags. Ah, home.

2. Candlelight Service- It isn't Christmas until Louis Ann Sings Oh Holy Night and I cry as a little candle light is passed around First Baptist Church. It feels magical and incredibly bittersweet every year, but it makes me happy to share it with Petey and Aubrey.

3.Christmas Eve Battleship- "I'm going to defloat Your Boat"
"Joy to the World, I sunk you ship. I look forward to this night all year, so I can beat myy brother to a pulp. We tied games, but succeeded in making the longest game of battleship ever.

4. Jesus Birthday Cake- Every year I am supposed to make this cake. Some years work out better than others. This one has the world's least cooperative frosting. I also had no suitable decorations, so it was pretty ugly. Our cake decorating teacher woul have been horrified by the whole effort.  But people ate it, so that is good.

5. 4 Christmas in one day (6 in 36 hours)- These holidays are brutal in terms of sleep and just constant transit and chaos, but I feel like at the end of the day, I can't deny how incredibly rich and blessed our life is. Christmas this year had so much running around, but we had a good time at almost every turn.
6. Ham-I think I could be an all-out lifetime pescatarian if it weren't for pork products. My Nana and Poppop had the best Christmas Ham EVER this year. Also, Moffitts was just so generally sweet and fun and pleasant, without being particularly notable or big in any way. I imagine we won't remember much from this year (maybe the zombie game?), but we might remember the ham, or how Thanksgiving was so wonderful that we could still be drafting on all that positivity.

7. Snapchat- Oy. A few weeks after Instagram and the youths have me using snapchat. I mostly don't enjoy it, because I see no point in a photograph I can't keep, but I do like getting funny drawn on pictures from my little cousins in the middle of family events. They are genuinely and commitedly stupid. I can't imagine how this could last more than a week or two, but it made for a fun Moffitt Christmas addition.

8. Abraham Lincoln Marshmellow Man- The Boy's mind is such a ridiculous place, and I love it. Also, that side of the family proves that you can go all sorts of directions away from the gingerbread house, and you will have a lot more space to be creative.

9. Harry and David pears- This Christmas tradition seems relatively new to me, but who knew just how excellent pears could be? These are so sweet and juicy. I love a good pear, and these ones are the best. Partrisge approved for sure.

10. Christmas Crowns- I don't know where Grammy got these little packages you can pop, but inside were Christmas crowns, whistle/kazooish things (i am sure a better word applies, but I can't think of it), and jokes! The crowns were very cute, and my Grammy wore hers a good chunk of the day, which was pretty awesome.

11. Coloring- It is a huge tragedy that someone convinced adults that they aren't supposed to lay on the carpet and color every now and then. Coloring is good for the soul. Laying on the floor is good for the soul. Pagmanda brings in a coloring project every year for Greene Christmas, which is a lot of fun but also a lot of work. Still, it doesn't get much better than some collaboration for family get togethers.

12. The infinite and wondrous weirdness of being a Greene- Because you don't just spend your holiday decorating a castle, you then have to pose for multiple pictures in it. These pictures make me happy.

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