Today's Inspiration- Julia Margaret Cameron

by - Sunday, November 10, 2013

Prayer and Praise, British, Freshwater, Isle of Wight, 1865, from

Sappho, 1886, from

Whisper of the Muse, 1865, from
This picture may be the most beautiful photograph of all time. Cameron always seems so specific about what gets the focus in her photographs. I know this could be seen in a creepy way now, but it seems very parental to me, perhaps because of the girl in the bottom left. The man in the photograph is Cameron's friend and mentor George Frederick Watts, who was a painter (even though here he is posed as a musician).

 This picture shows how beautifully feminine Cameron's style is.Julia Margaret Cameron only worked for about a decade, when she was already in her late 40's. She received the camera as a gift (this would have been a huge gift and she was running with a fancy crowd from her birth in India), but in a few years she was shooting celebrities and selling her photographs to dealers and Lord Tennyson. This woman was no joke, and these tight beautiful portraits paved the way for Liebowitz among so many others. So, Cameron is reminding me this week that sometimes you don't get to the thing you are meant to do for a long time.

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