Gussing Up Inspiration for November (and What Worked in October)

by - Saturday, November 02, 2013

Inspiration for November

I honestly did not feel so inspired by the things floating around recently. Apparently grunge is coming back, as well as things that are earthy and neutral, but that is not  really my deal. I feel like I have been trying to learn to love neutrals this whole year, and I just never will. If it isn't colorful and polka-dotted, love is probably not the word to describe it.

From Pinterest- the link led to nowhere.
 So instead, I am just going to be inspired by Katherine Hepburn because she is the bomb. I is getting cold enough that we all must embrace pants, so let's do it Hepburn-style, shall we? I mean, who doesn't love a buttoned up shirt, slacks, and some flats. Also, knitting.

And as if the needlework wasn't cool enough, check this old picture of Hepburn in jeans and an oversize jacket.The hair and the small scarf really take the outfit to another level. It has a kind of cool masculine, but fitted chic that is the end all be all of her style, but it is a lot more casual than her usual business. Here is another example of Hepburn mastering the coat:

Even though the coat is big, she still looks fresh while playing with gendery stuff. I love the hat here too. It's a tricky balance, but both of these outfit still seem casual and effortless. I take this to mean we mere mortals might have a chance to try it on our own (minus the fur coat, because that is just not right).

Ok, so here are my pinterest efforts to find coats that look Hepburn-sharp and Hepburn casual all at once, because that seems pretty November and Thanksgiving-y to me. Oversized coats are in, but they mostly look ridiculous to me. Here are a few that have some of that Hepburn magic.

From Hello, It's Valentine
 I think this works because the texture of the coat is really soft (like fur, but a whole lot more ethical). I also notice that a lot of these looks have no color, but the blue/grey lace top is really pretty here.

From Here
Here, the coat isn't as large, but the jeans look nice rolled up (how do people do that without making themselves look really short?) and I like the scarf a lot. She definitely has the effortless thing going on. And here are a few pinterest efforts that led to no actual page:

 The big jacket can also be super feminine when paired with a dress, black tights, and some boots. I love these two outfits because the thick fluffy scarves make it look so cozy as well.

 On a totally unrelated note, heaven is a pair of polka dot tights. Especially if they are the thick kind that feel like sweaters for your legs.

Double Also, this is just gorgeous. 

What Worked in October

 The desert boots at work at the pumpkin patch. This also became a month with a lot of green.

 I picked this green dress from modcloth for Corinne's wedding. It has to be one of my better choices as these things go, and I thought the collar was pretty. It also had a nice swing to it for dancing, and my business never hung out (I hope).

 I bought this peplum shirt a few months ago, then I decided it looked like I was trying too hard when I paired it with a pencil skirt. Just too fussy, or I needed a solid Bettie Page bang to pull it off. On the other hand, it works just fine with jeans. I will never figure out how to wear these boots.

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